Zero Squared #33: A Weird Line of Flight? Aug 26 2015

Daniel Coffeen looks around for freedom in a world of networked conformity. He holds a PhD in Rhetoric from UC Berkeley where he taught adjunct for many years, but now Coffeen works independently, wri...

In defence of reading widely - by Leigh Phillips Aug 24 2015

In the following essay Zero Books author Leigh Phillips argues for crossing ideological lines and reading widely. Leigh Phillips' book Austerity Ecology & the Collapse-porn Addicts is due out on Octob...

Zero Squared #32: Vade Mecum Aug 19 2015

Richard Skinner's collection of essays Vade Mecum is the topic of dicussion this week as the author discusses Eric Satie, Werner Herzog, John Cage, and the interdisciplinary life of a man of letters. ...

The Real Thing: Zero Books Capital Reading Group (Volume 1, chapter 10) Aug 16 2015

This week Andrew, Andy, and Doug discuss the history of the class struggle over the working day. ...

Zero Squared #31: Dialectic of Defeat Aug 12 2015

Russell Jacoby's Dialectic of Defeat: Contours of Western Marxism is the subject this week and C Derick Varn is the guest. Varn is a poet, teacher, theorist and a reader at Zero Books. This is the sec...

Zero Squared #30: Participation or Revolution Aug 5 2015

Margaret Kimberley has been an editor and Senior Columnist of Black Agenda Report since its inception in 2006. Her work has also appeared on sites such as Alternet and Counterpunch and in publications...


Superstructural Berlin

A Superstructural Tourist Guide to Berlin for the Visitor and the New Resident

Alexander Goller
Nicolas Hausdorf

Ignoble Displacement

Dispossessed Capital in Neo-Dickensian London

Stephanie Polsky

Land of Hunger

A collection of short stories; alternatively one long one

Wayne Holloway

Vade Mecum

Essays, Reviews & Interviews

Richard Skinner

Pro Bono?

Mikkel Thorup

Biopolitical Imperialism

M. G. E. Kelly

Gathering of Promises, A

The Battle for Texas's Psychedelic Music, from The 13th Floor Elevators to The Black Angels and Beyond

Ben Graham