Positive Realism

Maurizio Ferraris

This Space of Writing

Stephen Mitchelmore

Drone and Apocalypse

An exhibit catalog for the end of the world

Joanna Demers

Against Capitalist Education

What is Education for?

Nadim Bakhshov

Slave States

the practice of Kafala in the Gulf Arab Region

Yasin Kakande

Enjoying It

Candy Crush and Capitalism

Alfie Bown

Who's Afraid of the Easter Rising? 1916-2016

James Heartfield
Kevin Rooney

Boredom and Art

Passions of the Will To Boredom

Julian Jason Haladyn

Austerity Ecology & the Collapse-porn Addicts

A defence of growth, progress, industry and stuff

Leigh Phillips

Ignoble Displacement

Dispossessed Capital in Neo-Dickensian London

Stephanie Polsky

Zero Squared #46: Political Determinism Nov 25 2015

C Derick Varn is a poet, teacher, and theorist. He currently lives in Cairo, Egypt and has previously taught in South Korea and Northern Mexico. He is a lecturer in English Literature, Composition, an...

Where Zizek Goes Wrong Nov 20 2015

Zizek, don't just write something... Reading Slavoj Zizek today is, unfortunately, an exercise in repetition. Like many established figures on the left, Zizek recycles his material. Sometimes t...

Zero Squared #45: Psychology or Progress? Nov 19 2015

Ashley Frawley is the author of the Semiotics of Happiness from Bloomsbury, a Lecturer in Sociology and Social Policy at Swansea University, and a reader for Zero Books. She recently debated Zero Book...

Zero Squared #44: COINTELPRO and American Maoism in the 60s Nov 11 2015

Aaron Leonard is a writer and historian. He is a regular contributor to Truthout,, the History News Network, PhysicsWorld, and Canadian Dimension magazine. His book Heavy Radicals was publis...

Zero Squared #43: Talking to Coffeen Nov 5 2015

Daniel Coffeen is a rhetor and a philosopher — if by philosopher you mean somebody who plays with concepts and ideas. He formally taught at UC Berkeley and the SF Art Institute but now spends his ti...

The Politics of not Leaving Martin Amis Alone Nov 3 2015

This article neither deeply respects nor violently chastises Martin Amis. As a result, it is going to look pretty unusual on the internet today. Very recently Martin Amis criticized Jeremy Corbyn and ...

"Tlön, Uqbar, Orbis Tertius" - Revolutionary Metaphysical Art Nov 1 2015

[caption id="attachment_1594" align="aligncenter" width="599"] © Lisa Jiang[/caption] On the morning of August 24th I had a phone call from Karl F Tullah wanting to meet up after work to discuss t...