Defiance: Greece and Europe

Roger Silverman

Feminism's Founding Fathers

The Men Who Fought for Women's Rights

Kaevan Gazdar

Colloquium: Sound Art and Music

Thomas Gardner
Salomé Voegelin

World of Failing Machines, The

Speculative Realism and Literature

Grant Hamilton

Reading the Way of Things

Towards a New Technology of Making Sense

Daniel Coffeen

Porn Panic!

Sex and Censorship in the UK

Jerry Barnett

Airplane Reading

Christopher Schaberg
Mark Yakich

Dead People

Morgan Meis
Stefany Anne Golberg

Zero Books #81: Decoding Chomsky Aug 24 2016

Chris Knight is currently senior research fellow in the department of anthropology at University College, London, focusing his research on the evolutionary emergence of human language and symbolic cul...

Zero Squared #80: Porn Panic Aug 19 2016

Jerry Barnett is an author, technologist, campaigner, photographer and entrepreneur. With a long background in anti-fascism campaigning, he has become increasingly disillusioned with the new left, whi...

Zero Squared #79: Radical and/or Racial Politics? Aug 11 2016

Glenn Loury is the guest this week as we discuss black anger, white victims of police violence, and the ins and outs of structural racism. Loury is a former conservative who became a man of the left i...

Zero Squared #78: Airplane Reading Aug 4 2016

Christopher Schaberg and Mark Yakich are the guests this week as we discuss their recently released book Airplane Reading. Their book brings together a range of essays about air travel and features th...

Zero Squared #77: Quitting Bizarre Writing Jul 29 2016

Chris Kelso is a Bizzaro fiction writer and he’s the guest this week on the Zero Books podcast. In this episode you’ll hear why Chris is thinking about quitting writing, how Bizarro fiction was mo...

Alfie Bown on Pokemon Go Jul 26 2016

Zero Books' own Alfie Bown has written up a critique of Pokemon Go for the publication ROAR: Google’s lemmings: Pokémon go where Silicon Valley says In 2010, Google started up what is now a ver...

Zero Squared #76: Black Anger and Black Politics Jul 21 2016

Margaret Kimberley discusses black anger and BLM on this week's episode. A regular columnist for the Black Agenda Report, Margaret Kimberley is also a regular guest on the podcast. We discuss broken w...