Airplane Reading

Christopher Schaberg
Mark Yakich

Dead People

Morgan Meis
Stefany Anne Golberg

Zen City

Eliot Fintushel

Babbling Corpse

Vaporwave and the Commodification of Ghosts

Grafton Tanner

Can Architecture Be an Emancipatory Project?

Dialogues on Architecture and the Left

Nadir Z. Lahiji

TOWIE - The Only Way Is Eton

Why Young People Don’t Vote

Mitchell Agg

Against Capital

Experiences of Class Struggle and Rethinking Revolutionary Agency

Cliff Slaughter

Zero Squared #72: Radical Islam? Jun 23 2016

Nadim Bakhshov is the guest this week as we continue a conversation about Islam that we started in episode forty-nine entitled Against Capitalist Education. Nadim is the author of a book from Zero wit...

Advancing Conversations: Appearance on Right Wing Radio Jun 18 2016

Zero Books publisher Douglas Lain was a guest on the American conservative radio program "The Brett Winterble Show" wherein he spoke briefly about Zero's new line of books Advancing Conversations, Aub...

Zero Squared #71: Conceptual Militancy Jun 16 2016

This week’s podcast is a recording of Mike Watson’s talk with Mark McGowan (AKA the Artist Taxi Driver) at the Open School East. Mike Watson is an art theorist and curator based in Italy and he w...

Zero Squared #70: Overcoming Capitalism Jun 9 2016

A recording of the Zero Books panel “Overcoming Capitalism” from this year’s Left Forum replaces the usual interview this week. The panel participants were Terry Tapp author of "A Serf's Journal...

Zero Squared #69: Blueprints for Revolution? Jun 2 2016

Our Cairo correspondent and Zero Books Reader C Derick Varn is the guest this week as we follow up on an episode of the Alpha to Omega podcast with a conversation about overcoming capitalism. In the A...

Zero Squared Special: A Reading in Defense of Zizek May 27 2016

Right before I jetted off to NYC to attend the Left Forum I’d edited a conversation with C Derick Varn for this week’s podcast. Upon my return I see that I made a mistake and saved the wrong file....

Standing with Slavoj Žižek and Against an Illness on the Left May 27 2016

This year's Left Forum was, in many ways, identical to last year's forum. It was held at the John Jay College of Criminal Justice again, the panels and tables were peopled by all the same liberal and ...