Rise of the busybody state

Josie Appleton

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Philosophy in the Maoist Terrain

J. Moufawad-Paul

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EDA Collective

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Sex and Censorship in the UK

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Inside Zero Books: Struggle Session Dec 3 2016

This Inside Zero Books podcast is a struggle session between myself and two university students. We discuss whether the university classroom is a white space, the usefulness of identity politics, and ...

Zero Squared #91: Trump, an Insider's View Dec 1 2016

Former NEA Chairman Bill Ivey returns this week and we discuss the unexpected election of Trump. Ivey made the news recently when his March 13th, 2016 email to Clinton campaign Chairman John Podesta w...

Inside Zero Books #13: Normies, Lefties, and More Nov 26 2016

The second half of a conversation with Angela Nagle, author of the upcoming book "Kill All Normies: From 4Chan to Donald Trump and the Alt-Right" is featured on this weeks inside Zero Books podcast. N...

Zero Squared #90: From 4Chan to the White House? Nov 23 2016

Angela Nagle is a writer based in Ireland. Her work has appeared in the Irish Times, the Dublin Review of Books, and the Atlantic. Her article “The New Man of 4Chan” for the Baffler was the basis ...

Inside Zero Books #12: Protestants and Capitalism Nov 20 2016

This week's Iniside Zero Books is unedited as I've been thrown in many different directions after the election of Donald Trump. It is a conversation with my son Benjamin about his class "Culture, Capi...

Zero Squared #89: Deplorables Nov 17 2016

NYU professor Michael Rectenwald is the guest this week. Rectenwald was recently at the center of a small controversy at NYU because, after being called out on Facebook for posting a link to an articl...

The Strange Death of Liberal Wonktopia: Some thoughts on Trump as he appears to win from an expatriate “leftist” Nov 14 2016

I am sitting at my work desk at school on the edge of the desert, near the outskirts of Cairo, where the wealthy developments have moved away from the slums around the Nile. Here the government is tal...