Punk Is Dead: Modernity Killed Every Night

Andrew Gallix
Richard Cabut

Georgian Portraits

Essays on the Afterlives of a Revolution

Katrine Bendtsen Gotfredsen
Martin Demant Frederiksen

Fire Hides Everywhere

Julian Feeld

Off-Modern, The

Psychology Estranged

Ron Roberts

Lenin Lives!

Reimagining the Russian Revolution 1917-2017

Philip Cunliffe

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On the Decomposition of Capitalism and Its Critics

Alastair Hemmens
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CHS report, April 2214

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Brian Willems

Kill All Normies

Online culture wars from 4chan and Tumblr to Trump and the alt-right

Angela Nagle

Inside Zero Books #46: Terry Tapp Continued Sep 18 2017

This Inside Zero Books podcast features the second half of a conversation with the author Terry Tapp whose book A Serf's Journal is due out from Zero Books in November. Terry Tapp is an artist and...

Zero Squared #125: Overcoming Capitalism Sep 15 2017

Terry Tapp is an artist and writer living in New York City. Originally from Central Appalachia, Terry spent many years working trade jobs, wandering through the American south, all the while creating ...

Inside Zero Books #45: More on Free Speech w/Varn Sep 11 2017

C Derrick Varn continues ranting about Free Speech and the contradictions on the left and right. Varn is a reader at Zero Books, a poet, podcast celebrity, reddit star, and hot head. Here's a quot...

Zero Squared #124: Should We Keep Free Speech? Sep 7 2017

C Derick Varn is back this week. Varn is a reader at Zero Books, a University lecturer and teacher, a poet, and a frequent guest on this podcast. This week we discuss John Stuart Mills arguments for F...

Inside Zero Books #44: Does Free Speech Work? Sep 3 2017

This week's Inside Zero Books features an intergenerational debate between a Millennial and a Slacker on the topic of Free Speech. Is concern about protecting free speech merely a liberal/centrist not...

Zero Squared #123: Gaffney Called Out Aug 31 2017

Frankie Gaffney is the guest this week, and he’s the author of the novel Dublin Seven and a writer for the Irish Times, the Dublin Inquirer, Broadsheet and many other publications. In May this year,...

Inside Zero Books #43: Free Associating with Vakhtang Gomelauri Aug 28 2017

Vakhtang Gomelauri is a therapist and self-proclaimed psychoanalyst working in NYC who is influenced by the ideas of the Jacques Lacan and this week Inside Zero Books is a continuation of our conversa...