Uncertain Futures

An Assessment of the Conditions of the Present

Edmund Berger

Continuity and Rupture

Philosophy in the Maoist Terrain

J. Moufawad-Paul


Rise of the busybody state

Josie Appleton

Dark Matters

A Manifesto for the Nocturnal City

Nick Dunn


Political Conversations from Everyday Analysis

EDA Collective

World of Failing Machines, The

Speculative Realism and Literature

Grant Hamilton

Feminism's Founding Fathers

The Men Who Fought for Women's Rights

Kaevan Gazdar

Colloquium: Sound Art and Music

Thomas Gardner
Salomé Voegelin

Capitalist Realism (an excerpt) Jan 16 2017

The world lost a radical thinker on January 13th, 2017. Mark Fisher's book Capitalist Realism helped to put Zero Books on the map in 2009. There are other books that sell as well as his, but none that...

Inside Zero Books #20: Žižek Debrief Jan 14 2017

C Derick Varn stops by to talk about the Žižek interview this week, but the conversation veers all over the place as we discuss immigration, social class, and (as always) the labor theory of value. ...

Zero Squared #95: Žižek and the Double Blackmail Jan 11 2017

Slavoj Žižek is the guest this week as we discuss the flak he’s received for a few of his Lacanian interventions into politics recently, Marx’s Labor Theory of Value, and his most current book A...

Inside Zero Books #19: Unedited Zizek Jan 7 2017

This week's Inside Zero Books podcast features an unedited conversation with Slavoj Zizek about his book "Against the Double Blackmail." This conversation will be edited and featured in next week's Ze...

Inside Zero Books Podcast #18: The politics of Mort Sahl Jan 1 2017

Happy New Year. This week's Inside Zero Books podcast takes a look at a celebrity who 2016 surprisingly didn't kill. At 89 Mort Sahl is the great-grandfather of American satirical stand-up, and my son...

Zero Squared #94: Free Speech for Dickheads Dec 29 2016

Amber A'Lee Frost is a writer living in Brooklyn, who has written for such publications as Jacobin, the Baffler, and Current Affairs, where she is an editor at large. She is a host on the always funny...

Inside Zero Books #17: More Shouting at Marxists Dec 24 2016

This is the second half of the "Shouting at Marxists" podcast. In this episode of Inside Zero Books you'll hear an explanation of why race and class must be understood together, an explanation for the...