Zero Squared #29: Shooting the Moon Jul 29 2015

Brian Willems is Assistant Professor at the University of Split, Croatia, where he teaches literature at the Faculty of Philosophy and film theory at the Arts Academy and his book Shooting the Moon wa...

The Real Thing: Zero's Capital Reading Group Jul 26 2015

Zero Books Capital Reading Group continues with Andy Marshall, Andrew Kliman, and Douglas Lain. We cover Chapter 9 of Capital. Excerpt from Capital: The surplus-value generated in the proce...

Parsing the Master's Design: A close reading of the structure of theory/praxis polarity, for and against discourse analysis Jul 22 2015

(This paper was originally intended to be read by Frank Smecker for Zero Books' panel, 'Theory vs. Praxis, or What is Praxis?, at the 2015 Left Forum.) Less than a week ago, as I was anxiousl...

Zero Squared #28: Imaginary Games Jul 22 2015

Chris Bateman is a game designer, outsider philosopher and author. His book Imaginary Games was published by Zero Books in 2011. Bateman is also the blogger behind Only a Game and he posts regularly i...

Prescience and Received Opinion Jul 21 2015

In response to my criticism of Paul Mason's think piece “The end of capitalism has begun” the journalist Giulo Sica stopped by the Zero Books Facebook page to object, and to object strongly. ...

Post-Capitalism or Snake Oil? Jul 20 2015

Less than a week after Greece was forced to agree to stringent austerity measures in exchange for a three-year bailout, the journalist Paul Mason, a Channel 4 broadcaster whose coverage of the proce...


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