Deconstructing Dirty Dancing

Stephen Lee Naish

Uncertain Futures

An Assessment of the Conditions of the Present

Edmund Berger

Continuity and Rupture

Philosophy in the Maoist Terrain

J. Moufawad-Paul


Rise of the busybody state

Josie Appleton

Dark Matters

A Manifesto for the Nocturnal City

Nick Dunn


Political Conversations from Everyday Analysis

EDA Collective

World of Failing Machines, The

Speculative Realism and Literature

Grant Hamilton

Feminism's Founding Fathers

The Men Who Fought for Women's Rights

Kaevan Gazdar

Colloquium: Sound Art and Music

Thomas Gardner
Salomé Voegelin

Inside Zero Books #28: Norman Continues Mar 25 2017

The second half of a conversation with Norman Finkelstein is featured in this week's Inside Zero Books podcast. Finkelstein discusses white racism, Obama's "brilliance," Marx's law of Capitalist accum...

Zero Squared #103: Norman Finkelstein on Academic Freedom Mar 22 2017

Norman Finkelstein is a controversial figure on the left and he’s the guest this week. However, while Finkelstein is famous for his books about the Israel/Palestine conflict, we don’t discuss that...

Capitalist Realism: Is Art the Alternative? Dialogue between Mark Fisher and Mike Watson Mar 22 2017

The following dialogue was first published in 2010 on and subsequently reposted on, a wordpress blog which was opened to coincide with the publication of Mike Wats...

Inside Zero Books #27: A Fractured Left Mar 18 2017

In this week's Inside Zero Books we have the second half of a conversation with C Derick Varn that drifts away from Gilles Dauve's essay "When Insurrections Die" and onto topics such as the GDP of Rus...

Zero Squared #102: When Insurrections Die Mar 16 2017

C. Derick Varn is a reader at Zero Books, a poet, blogger and podcaster. His podcasts have included Symptomatic Redness and Former People and he is a frequent guest on Zero Squared. This week we discu...

Inside Zero Books #26: The Multitude Mar 12 2017

This week's Inside Zero Books Andy Marshall and Doug Lain continue their analysis of Hardt and Negri's book "Empire," only through a second book by Paolo Virno. Specifically they discuss the introduct...

C Derick Varn & Nadim Bakhshov in Conversation (pt 1) Mar 9 2017

C. Derick Varn is an emerging poet, professional teacher, and arm-chair theorist.  He currently lives in Egypt, previously spent two years in Northern Mexico and three years in South Korea, but is ...