TOWIE - The Only Way Is Eton

Why Young People Don’t Vote

Mitchell Agg

Can Architecture Be an Emancipatory Project?

Dialogues on Architecture and the Left

Nadir Z. Lahiji

Against Capital

Experiences of Class Struggle and Rethinking Revolutionary Agency

Cliff Slaughter

Blowing the Lid

Gay Liberation, Sexual Revolution and Radical Queens

Stuart Feather

It’s Not Over

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Pete Dolack

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The cultural history and geography of a Utopia

David Scott

Daniel Defoe and the Bank of England

The Dark Arts of Projectors

Martin Parker
Valerie Hamilton

Lazarus in the Multiple

Awakening to the Era of Complexity

Camaren Peter

A Call For Introductory Theory and Philosophical Novellas Feb 4 2016

In the last few weeks the Zero Squared podcast has featured unusual guests, guests who were not always strictly of or from the left/Marxist tradition that Zero Books embraces. This was undertaken in a...

Zero Squared #55: Losing Track Feb 3 2016

Jordannah Elizabeth is a musician, entertainment journalist, author, model and the founder of the literary nonprofit, Publik / Private. Her writing has appeared on VICE,, SF Weekly, MTV Iggy...

Yasin Kakande on the BBC Jan 28 2016

Zero Books author Yasin Kakande recently discussed his new book Slave States on the BBC. Slave States is a stark expose of the enslavement, trafficking, sexual starvation and general abuse of workers ...

Zero Squared #54: Liberty in a Holding Pattern Jan 27 2016

Brendan O’Neill is the editor of spiked online and a columnist for the Big Issue and Reason. He also writes for a variety of other publications, including the Telegraph, the Spectator and the Austra...

Zero Squared #53: Thinking Thomas Jan 21 2016

Thomas Lynn is a youtuber with a new channel entitled “Thinking Thomas.” A few months back he approached me about interviewing Zero Books authors on his channel and since then he has done so at le...

Zero Squared #52: Political Self-Censorship Jan 13 2016

Glenn Loury is a reformed neo-conservative “man of the left” with some serious reservations. He is a professor at Brown University, a one time contender for Undersecretary of Education, the author...

Remembering Bowie Jan 11 2016

Chris O'Leary was the guest on the Zero Books podcast back in March of 2015. He discussed his book Rebel Rebel which is a critical analysis of Bowie's songs from 1964-1976. The Cultural Critic Ma...