Recently Published Books

Pop Grenade

From Public Enemy to Pussy Riot - Dispatches from Musical Frontlines

Matthew Collin

Thrilling reportage from raves, riots and rebellions documents how rebels with a cause use music as a force for change.

Twerking to Turking

Everyday Analysis - Volume 2

EDA Collective

Analysing the signs of everyday life.

Shooting the Moon

Brian Willems

The first book to examine the multiple and contradictory strategies for putting the moon on film.

Diet of Austerity, A

Class, Food and Climate Change

Elaine Graham-Leigh

How and why the working class are being blamed for climate change, and what we can do about it.

Hidden Valleys: Haunted by the Future

Justin Barton

The future is alongside us, sometimes closer, sometimes further away.


Footnotes, Mirages, Refrains and Leftovers of Writing Sound

Daniela Cascella

Ephemeral, F.M.R.L: A collection of fragments and essays recording accidents of hearing and detours of thought in response to the peripheral nature of listening and reading.

Starry Speculative Corpse

Horror of Philosophy vol. 2

Eugene Thacker

Philosophy meets horror against the backdrop of an indifferent, unhuman cosmos.

Tentacles Longer Than Night

Horror of Philosophy vol. 3

Eugene Thacker

Systematic, comprehensive exploration of the links between philosophy, religion, and the horror genre.

Media Against Democracy, The

Thomas Field

A radical critique of existing institutions.

No More Heroes?

Steroids, Cocaine, Finance and Film in the 70s

Carl Neville

Neoliberalism, steroids, cocaine, deregulation and finance as reflected in the films of the 70s.

Rebel Rebel

Chris O'Leary

David Bowie: every single song. Everything you want to know, everything you didn't know.

Psychology and Capitalism

The Manipulation of Mind

Ron Roberts

How your state of mind makes Big Business Happy

Bio-Politicizing Cary Grant

Pressing Race, Class and Ethnicity into Service in “Amerika”

Joshua David Gonsalves

Bio-Politicizing Cary Grant explicates the ethnic, racial and sexual ambiguity of Cary Grant’s star persona as both an inculcation of (and resistance to) biopolitical imperatives in fifties-era “America”.

Heavy Radicals: The FBI's Secret War on America's Maoists

The Revolutionary Union / Revolutionary Communist Party 1968-1980

Aaron J. Leonard
Conor A. Gallagher

A critical history of the largest Maoist organization to emerge in the US out of the tumultuous sixties, and the FBI's unrelenting campaign against it.

We Have Never Been Neoliberal

A Manifesto for a Doomed Youth

Kean Birch

How to understand the crisis and stop the top 1% all at the same time.


Adam Kotsko

A sequel to Awkwardness and Why We Love Sociopaths, Creepiness explores popular culture to examine the worst character trait of all.

Resilience & Melancholy

pop music, feminism, neoliberalism

Robin James

Neoliberalism co-opts noisy riots like feminism and hardcore music--can melancholic siren songs fight back?

Is the East Still Red?

Socialism and the Market in China

Gary Blank

Leftist observers of China's political economy, whether they are adulatory or dismissive, have fundamentally misunderstood the role of the market

Cartographies of the Absolute

Jeff Kinkle
Alberto Toscano

An aesthetics of the economy for the twenty-first century.

Pornography Feminism: As Powerful as She Wants to Be

Rich Moreland

Pornography feminists unshackle their desires and celebrate their sexuality in the patriarchal world of filmed sex.


Identity, Status, Structure and The Stranglers

Phil Knight

If the Sex Pistols and The Clash represented punk's sacred, then The Stranglers were its profane. Strangled sets out to explain why discussion of this most taboo of bands has for so long been silenced-a collective cultural Omerta.

Infinite Fictions

Essays on Literature and Theory

David Winters

Selected writings by one of today's leading young literary critics.

Seen and Not Seen

Confessions of a Movie Autist

Jasun Horsley

If movies and popular culture shape us from an early age, how do we separate the real from the imaginary?

Selling Our Death Masks

Cash-For-Gold in the Age of Austerity

Yesenia Barragan

Are we pawning our golden immortality for a fistful of cash?


Decision, Forced Choice and Propaganda

Robert Jackson

A historical, critical look at the famous videogame franchise BioShock.

  • Mark FisherMark FisherMark Fisher is highly respected both as a music writer and a theorist. He writes regularly for The W...
  • Eugene ThackerEugene ThackerPhilosopher Eugene Thacker thinks and writes about a world of natural disasters, emerging pandemics,...
  • Gilad AtzmonGilad AtzmonAtzmon writes on political matters, social issues, Jewish identity and culture. His papers are publi...
  • Nina PowerNina PowerNina Power is a Senior Lecturer in Philosophy at Roehampton University. She is the co-editor of Alai...
  • Owen HatherleyOwen HatherleyOwen Hatherley was born in Southampton in 1981, and has lived in South East London for the last deca...
  • Laurie PennyLaurie PennyLaurie Penny is an up-and-coming feminist journalist, and has already gained a substantial following...
  • David CromwellDavid CromwellDavid Cromwell is co-editor of Media Lens, a UK-based media analysis website, which he co-founded in...
  • David StubbsDavid StubbsDavid Stubbs began working life as a freelance journalist in 1986, contributing to Melody Maker, who...
  • Steven ShaviroSteven ShaviroSteven Shaviro is the DeRoy Professor of English at Wayne State University,US. He is the author of P...
  • Carl CederstromCarl CederstromCarl Cederström is a lecturer in Human Resource Management at Cardiff Business School, Cardiff Univ...
  • Peter FlemingPeter FlemingPeter Fleming is Professor of Work and Organisation at Queen Mary College. His recent writings are a...
  • Richard SeymourRichard SeymourRichard Seymour is a socialist, writer, teacher and neurotic. He writes regular columns for the Guar...
  • Adam KotskoAdam KotskoAdam Kotsko is Assistant Professor of Humanities at Shimer College in Chicago (USA). He is the auth...
  • Bruno LatourBruno LatourBruno Latour is Vice President for Research at Sciences Po, Paris and Professor associated with the ...
  • Peter ErdélyiPeter ErdélyiPeter Erdélyi is Senior Lecturer in Strategy and Marketing at Bournemouth University and a PhD cand...
  • Ivor SouthwoodIvor SouthwoodAfter working as a psychiatric nurse, Ivor Southwood left the NHS in 2000 to study Literature and Me...
  • Adam HarperAdam HarperAdam Harper discusses aesthetics and criticism in music, art and life on his blog Rouge's Foam. He s...
  • Rhian E. JonesRhian E. JonesRhian E. Jones grew up in the south Wales Valleys. After studying History and Politics in London and...
  • Holly Grigg-SpallHolly Grigg-SpallHolly Grigg-Spall is a women's health activist and writer. The release of her first book 'Sweeten...
  • Graham HarmanGraham HarmanGraham Harman is Distinguished University Professor at the American University in Cairo, Egypt. He ...
  • Evan Calder WilliamsEvan Calder WilliamsEvan Calder Williams is a writer and theorist. He writes the blog Socialism and/or barbarism. He c...
  • Agata PyzikAgata PyzikAgata Pyzik is a Polish journalist who divides her time between Warsaw and London, where she has alr...
  • Dominic FoxDominic FoxDominic Fox is a writer, poet and musician working in London as a software engineer. Widely active i...
  • Mark OldenMark OldenMark Olden is a print and broadcast journalist. He's produced investigations for Channel 4 News and ...
  • James HeartfieldJames HeartfieldJames Heartfield has worked as a journalist, for a television company, as a lecturer and editor. He ...
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