Digital Consciousness by Jim Elvidge

Jim Elvidge

Time To Tell by Ronald Green

Ronald Green

Power of the Impossible, The by Erik S. Roraback

Erik S. Roraback

Being a Supervisor 1.0 by Joseph F  Duffy, LLD

Joseph F Duffy, LLD

Western Philosophy Made Easy by Dennis Waite

Dennis Waite

Fall, The (new edition with Afterword) by Steve Taylor

Steve Taylor

Human Wrongs by T.J. Coles

T.J. Coles

Is Intelligence an Algorithm? by Antonin Tuynman

Antonin Tuynman

In Search of Grace by Peter Reason

Peter Reason

Basics First by Sema Dube, Manu Dube

Sema Dube
Manu Dube

If you are unwilling to fire low performers, do not be a supervisor!

Last month I was part of a two person team conducting a Council on Accreditation (COA) review of an agency in Missouri serving domestic violence victims. After a long day of surveying my fellow team m...

Time to Tell

Time seems to flash by when we are enjoying ourselves, and slows to a crawl when we are bored. Why? Does time exist, or is it an illusion? Does it flow? Is it linear? How real are our memories? When i...

The Impossible Happens

After decades of analyzing his dreams, a professor of psychology finds that some of them anticipate future events. Not only does he dream the exact day of the year on which one of his books is accepte...

Great Reviews for Being a Supervisor 1.0

Being a Supervisor 1.0 is a handbook for first-time and aspiring supervisors, covering information useful in preparing to step into that role and fulfilling the duties of a supervisor on a daily basis...

Bernardo Kastrup on Consciousness

Uniform Reprints of Bernardo's Books Bernardo Kastrup's exploratory journeys through the thoughtscapes of philosophy of mind, ontology, neuroscience of consciousness, psychology, foundations of...

Western Philosophy Made Easy

Charting the history of Western thought from Socrates to Sartre, from Epicureans to Existentialists, Western Philosophy Made Easy offers a short, readable historical summary of aspects of Western phil...

The Fall, Revised Edition 2018 with Afterword.

by Steve Taylor FOR THE LAST 6000 years, human beings have been suffering from a kind of collective psychosis. For almost all of recorded history human beings have been – at least to some degree ...

Human Wrongs

Out this month - Human Wrongs, a devastating analysis of modern Britain. Britain is a forward-thinking, human-rights protecting beacon of democracy, right? Think again! Written in time for the 70th...

Choosing Childlessness with Life in Mind by Kamalamani

Other than Mother: Choosing Childlessness with Life in Mind 'Other than Mother: Choosing Childlessness with Life in Mind' is my second book, published by Earth Books in 2016. It ta...

Human Wrongs

Britain is a forward-thinking, human-rights protecting beacon of democracy, right? Think again! Written in time for the 70th anniversary of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, this book is a do...



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