• Pursuit of Ordinary, The
    Nigel Jay Cooper
    Elequently written and beautifully paint images in the mind. The Pursuit of Ordinary is set to be one of the best books of 2018 ~ Lisa Doherty, NetGalley

  • Moby-Dick Blues, The
    Michael Strelow
    I loved this story. It is such a book lovers book as it shows the power a story and particularly classic novels can have. The characters are well developed and I didn't want to finish the story as i didn't want to leave the world! Highly recommended. ~ Louise Mackin , GoodReads

  • Fairies
    Morgan Daimler
    This was a fascinating treatment of the subject. The author outlines quite thoroughly the beliefs about the fae in different cultures and throughout history. She combines thorough research with an easy writing style so that the reader never bogs down in data. This book would therefore appeal to more serious believers as well as those readers with a more casual interest. I enjoyed this book immensely and will give it a retread. ~ Janice Bell, NetGalley

  • Pursuit of Ordinary, The
    Nigel Jay Cooper
    The storyline was well presented and easily flowed - and the characters were believable. This was the first book by this author I have read, I will now look forward to reading others. 4 Stars. ~ Penny C, Netgalley Review

  • Psy-Complex in Question
    Ian Parker
    Enlightening and Instructive. ~ Breakaway Reviewers,

  • High Love - Still Connected
    Andrew D. Bentley ~ Conscious Living Magazine

  • Kitchen Witchcraft: Garden Magic
    Rachel Patterson
    Praise for A Kitchen Witch's World of Magical Herbs & Plants: 'Full of practical tips as well as metaphysical wisdom, and written with humour and an engaging style, this book is a must-have for anyone interested in the magical uses of plants.' ~ Morgan Daimler, author of Fairy Witchcraft

  • Pursuit of Ordinary, The
    Nigel Jay Cooper
    My go to genre is crime and psychological thrillers, but this book looked too good to miss. And it was.

    It tells the story of Dan, a homeless man who comes across Natalie at the moment her husband Joe is killed when a car hits him. Dan can't get Natalie out of his mind and goes in search of her, but he is also hearing another voice in his head.

    Dan is obviously damaged, which immediately makes him interesting, and Natalie has her own demons. I don't even know where to start with Joe!

    The same episodes in the story are told from different perspectives which could easily have led to lazy storytelling, but it doesn't, because there is always something new.

    I loved that the story is set in Brighton as it's a place I know. I love that it name checks one of my favourite books (you'll need to read it to see!). And I really love that it sensitively deals with some difficult issues - mental health and emotional abuse.

    This is a book about loss, hope, trust and ultimately love. But I doubt it's like any love story you've read - it's highly original, brilliantly written and definitely worth a read. And it has a really cool cover! 5 stars. ~ Suze Bickerton, Goodreads Review

  • Karna's Wheel
    Michael Tobert
    Karna's Wheel is seriously good, I have to say. Its combination of pacey page-turning story-telling, erudition and historical accuracy kept me engaged throughout. Bravo! ~ Tony Hastings, Organizer of educational tours in India

  • Other Paradises
    Jessica Sequeira
    In Other Paradises, Jessica Sequeira brings fresh insights to our new machine age and those that have led us here. Technology is at the center of her inquiry, but to call it simply a book about technology would do a disservice to its variety, joy and playfulness. I finished it with the best sort of feeling: the desire to read more. Madeleine Schwartz, reporter and former editor at the New York Review of Books, Robert Bosch Stiftung fellow. ~ Madeleine Schwartz

  • Creator and Creators
    Roza and Margarita Riaikkenen

    Book review

    This enlightening book, “Creator and Creators”, so convincingly carries us a big step forward to the goal of human life-spans on earth: enlightenment and perfection, to “…receive an ability to produce creations of immortal beauty.”

    By understanding anew our “spiritual science”, we can eliminate wars, and stop our abuse of Mother Nature. The profound, timely knowledge, so lovingly given in this book “Creator and Creators”, is so relevant to our age, to the modern man, who has to understand “The Whole” in order to live an evolutionary life on Mother Earth.

    In our scientific age, we can now - anew - understand our ancient forefathers’ spiritual concepts in their profundity. In this book, “Creator and Creators”, they are re-interpreted for us.

    “….But usually, while acting in the Solid World, we haven’t experienced all the experiences upon which the perfect picture is based and therefore our manifestation is rarely complete.” Have we ever thought about this? We should!

    Thank you for this marvellous work!
    Guðrún Kristín Magnúsdóttir
    Óðsmál research Iceland

    ~ Guðrún Kristín Magnúsdóttir, Óðsmál Research Iceland

  • Time and The Rose Garden
    Anthony Peake
    Time and The Rose Garden by Anthony Peake is a detailed and absorbing analysis of the work of J.B. Priestley, both as author and playwright. Born in 1894 Priestley wrote a prestigious number of novels, essays and plays reducing his output until his death in 1984.
    Peake provides biographical information reflecting on the impact of Priestley’s experiences during World War I including his own wounding and recovery. Also explained is Priestley’s fascination with time and moving away from the conventional views influenced by An Experiment with Time written by an Anglo-Irish aeronautical engineer, John William Dunne. Dreamers dreaming dreams and accessing information from the future – the circular nature of time is experienced with the underpinnings of new philosophical and scientific thinking about time. In more simple terms Priestley often examined his philosophical calculation that in certain circumstances the future can be perceived in dreams and it seems to be a subject that fascinated him – and is described in detail in Time and The Rose Garden.
    Also examined is Priestley’s transition from novelist to playwright. In his plays Priestley used the method of manipulating the audience’s memory -- living in the moment before – a feeling of déjà vu – or being able to look back at events and finding the seeds for whatever might come next.
    Of Priestley’s work perhaps it is Time and the Conways that comes up most often in the last decade with major revivals in New York and London and within that play there is the depiction of the faltering British aristocracy and economy between the wars, and also how one imagines time as the play’s narrative does not progress in a linear manner. Similarly another one of his plays, An Inspector Calls, which has received more appreciation in recent years, was successfully revived by the National Theatre in London and produced on Broadway.

    If one has the opportunity to encounter Priestley’s plays and writings in the future, Anthony Peake’s Time and The Rose Garden is an insightful guide. ~ Mark Kappel , NEWSNOTES DANCE BLOG

  • Alaskan Chronicles, The
    John Hunt
    John Hunt has a deft hand at weaving an interesting tale. ~ Anders Mikkelsen, KOEUR'S BOOK REVIEWS

  • Firebird Chronicles, The: Through the Uncrossable Boundary
    Daniel Ingram-Brown
    Through the Uncrossable Boundary is the sweeping conclusion to the adventure that introduced us to Scoop and Fletcher and their story-centric world. It’s a true adventure story that will become an instant classic, made up of stories, characters and a literature inspired world that, no matter how old you are, you will want to revisit over and over again. ~ Emily, That Weird Girl Life blog

  • Some Assembly Required
    Michael Strelow
    Some Assembly Required
    by Michael Strelow (Goodreads Author)
    John Addiego's review Feb 06, 2018
    it was amazing
    bookshelves: literary, sci-fi
    5 stars

    This is a delightful work of what I'd call literary sci-fi along the lines of Jonathan Lethem and Kurt Vonnegut (maybe throw in Colin Wilson's Mind Parasites). It's also a philosophical rumination and a comical psychedelic trip cooked up in a mad scientist's hidden lab. Strelow's imagination is dazzling. If you're pondering the meaning of life or the possible uses of a jar of peaches, pick this book up. ~ Goodreads, John Addiego

  • Alaskan Chronicles, The
    John Hunt
    John Hunt has a deft hand at weaving an interesting tale. ~ Anders Mikkelsen, KOEUR'S BOOK REVIEWS

  • Paravision
    Rodrigo M Medeiros
    There are several varieties of psychic ability; clairaudience (clear hearing) and clairsentience (clear sensing) are but two examples, but in this new book, Paravision, the title is used as an encompassing term to describe clairvoyance, or the ability to see what is denied to the average person, in this case the ability to see auras and even spirit manifestation. Unlike examples others in this field, the book sets out helpful, step by step, and above all practical, techniques to enable the reader to learn how to do this for themselves. Another aspect and perhaps its best feature of the book is that it is extremely accessible and easy to read and for the novice this really does makes a world of difference. For those already well versed, or at least familiar with the subject, various aspects of the methodology used are helpful in allowing them to brush up on their techniques. Finally, what the author has successfully achieved is presenting the subject of clairvoyance as what it is, viz. (to paraphrase the late Arthur C Clarke and his thoughts on the relationship between technology and magick), another form of technology, albeit a rarefied one, but technology nonetheless. The book richly deserves a place on the bookshelf of anyone interested in the paranormal in general and mediumship in particular. Highly recommended. ~ Brian Allan , Phenomena Magazine

  • Menopause: a Natural and Spiritual Journey
    Colette Brown
    This book is very well thought out and written, giving lots of good advice for women who want to embrace their menopause and for it to be more than just an inconvenience.
    The author suggests different meditations for various stages of the menopause and gives a very open and sometimes humorous account of her own experiences. ~ Rising Smoke, Amazon

  • Menopause: a Natural and Spiritual Journey
    Colette Brown
    What a wonderful book, I couldn't put it down It was like reading about myself right now So many things I haven't related to the 'moon pause', such a revelation to know I am not going mad & this will eventually pass. The author wrote with such honesty & candour
    & I just loved her humour. I will now embrace this special time in my life & can't wait to progress to 'grandmother''. Highly recommended. ~ Memepro, Amazon

  • Menopause: a Natural and Spiritual Journey
    Colette Brown
    Reading this book is like drinking a cup of fragrant tea with a warm, wise and comforting friend. In the midst of
    the unsettling, anxiety producing and even embarrassing changes that come with menopausal change, I found this book to be a clear guiding beacon of light. The exercises are uncomplicated, centering and nurtured my spirit. (Who needs anything difficult at this time, right?) She made me laugh and relax. Just what I needed! ~ S. Dillard, Amazon

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