Forthcoming Titles

Pagan Portals - the Dagda by Morgan Daimler

Morgan Daimler

Exploding the Truth: The JFK, Jr. Assassination by John Koerner

John Koerner

Science Fiction - The Evolutionary Mythology of the Future by Thomas Lombardo

Thomas Lombardo

Everyday Enchantments by Maria F. DeBlassie

Maria F. DeBlassie

Anne of Cleves  by Sarah-Beth Watkins

Sarah-Beth Watkins

Happy Birth, Happy Baby by Kelly  Palmer

Kelly Palmer

Senator's Assignment, The by Joan E. Histon

Joan E. Histon

Alyssa Chronicle, The by Michael Strelow

Michael Strelow

Trump's Counter-Revolution by Mikkel Bolt Rasmussen

Mikkel Bolt Rasmussen

Shaman Pathways - Deathwalking by Laura Perry

Laura Perry

Barrier by Mary Victoria Johnson

Mary Victoria Johnson

Mindfulness Based Living Course by Heather Regan-Addis,  Choden

Heather Regan-Addis

Striking at the Roots: A Practical Guide to Animal Activism by Mark Hawthorne

Mark Hawthorne

Pagan Portals - The Power of the Elements by Melusine Draco

Melusine Draco

America and Other Fictions by Ed Simon

Ed Simon

Kitchen Witchcraft: Garden Magic by Rachel Patterson

Rachel Patterson

Her Morning Shadow by Ron Semple

Ron Semple

You Are Not Your Thoughts by Frances Trussell

Frances Trussell

Power of the Impossible, The by Erik S. Roraback

Erik S. Roraback

Firebird Chronicles, The: Through the Uncrossable Boundary by Daniel Ingram-Brown

Daniel Ingram-Brown

Haunted: Horror of Haverfordwest by G.L. Davies

G.L. Davies

Place Beyond, The by Ryan Lohner

Ryan Lohner

Time To Tell by Ronald Green

Ronald Green

Capitalism on Campus: Sex Work, Academic Freedom and the Market by Ron Roberts

Ron Roberts

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