Forthcoming Titles

Questioning the Incarnation

Formulating a meaningful Christology

Providing an understanding of Jesus Christ which makes sense in the modern world.


Two children undertake an epic journey across three amazing worlds to defeat the tyrannical Crevitos.

Faerie Stones

An Exploration of the Folklore and Faeries Associated with Stones & Crystals

Bringing the practical magic of the Faeries and their stones into your life.

Moby-Dick Blues, The

Moby-Dick's missing original manuscript has surfaced, and plenty of people are interested: scholars, thieves, and mysterious debt collectors...

Pagan Portals - Odin

Meeting the Norse Allfather

Blending history and personal experience this book introduces you to Odin, his mythology, and modern worship.

Peace for our Time

A Reflection on War and Peace and a Third World War

This profound reflection on war and peace, by an original thinker actively engaged in seeking peace, shows how war could be abolished by the creation of a democratic World State.

Other Paradises

Poetic approaches to thinking in a technological age

A collection of essays exploring imaginative responses to science and technology.

Pagan Portals - Rhiannon

Divine Queen of the Celtic Britons

An exploration of Rhiannon that remembers her history, reclaims her divinity, and renews a pathway into relationship with this Welsh Goddess of Sovereignty.

Graveyard Visible, A

Funerals happen in the graveyard outside Caleb's window each evening, but no one is dying...

Pursuit of Ordinary, The

Who gets to say what's normal?


Living your soul story

SoulWorks: Living the life you want … and being who you want to be

Snapshots From My Uneventful Life

“Snapshots” is a book that everyone will identify with, and that will have you holding your stomach with laughter and scratching your head in wonder!

Princess Gardener, The

A princess and a farm girl scheme to swap lives and in doing so help save the kingdom, and themselves.

Pilgrimage in Japan, A

The 33 Temples of Kannon

A Buddhist journey to the thirty-three temples of Kannon, an ancient pilgrimage route in Western Japan traveled for over a thousand years.

Melody's Unicorn

A Story of Here and There

Melody spots a unicorn in London's Oxford Street, and follows it to the Otherworld...

Human Wrongs

British Social Policy and the Universal Declaration of Human Rights

A devastating analysis of modern Britain's violations of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights.

Animatic Apparatus, The

Animation, Vitality, and the Futures of the Image

How the transition from analogue to digital, and the rise of animation and simulation transform our concepts of life in contemporary culture.

Happiness: Make Your Soul Smile

Don't put off your happiness for a single second longer! You deserve to be truly happy.

Aspecting the Goddess

Drawing Down the Divine Feminine

Enter the realms of the Goddess, where her stories are alive all around us...

American Fork

A shared love of the Utah landscape heals family wounds for two unlikely friends in this tale of restoration in the wake of loss and betrayal.


Depressive anthropology and the shame of life

Is shame the route by which we access the capabilities for living that are abrogated in modernity?

Coming From Nothing

A Thought Experiment Novella

A tragi-comic philosophical novella about how the internet is reshaping our notions of personal identity.

Thousand Eyes, A

A small town in Colorado experiences a series of animal attacks which are far from random...

Made in Brooklyn

Artists, Hipsters, Makers, Gentrifiers

The artist is dead. There are only makers now.

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