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Year of the Lord's Favor, The

Proclaiming Grace in the Year of Luke

Pushes beyond traditional interpretation to get at what Luke is really saying.

Yoga and the Jesus Prayer

Studying the analogies between Tantric yogis and Christian mystics, Matus relates the kundalini awakening to the Christ mystery.

Yom Kippur Party Goods

Who is a good Jew? Anyone who's good at it. What's a Soterion Jew? This book explains.

You are Light

8 Words Reveal Your Truest Self

Learn how to have all the love joy peace and security you desire in this compassionate and healing meditation workbook.

You Are Not Your Thoughts

The Secret Magic of Mindfulness

The journey to a mindful way of being, for those who want to truly know the power of mindfulness.


Awakening to the Living Presence of Your Soul

'YOU are THIS...' is a pioneering guide for awakening to the consciousness of your Soul. Beyond duality and Non-duality we find the integral uniqueness of One-duality.

You Called My Name

The Hidden Treasures of Your Hebrew Heritage

You Can Beat Lung Cancer

Using Alternative/Integrative Interventions

Significantly increase your chances of long-term lung cancer survival by using holistic Alternative/Integrative interventions by physicians/ health practitioners.

You Can Only Achieve What Is Possible

A Self-Help Antidote to our Self-help Culture

Your Angel Journey

A Guide to Releasing Your Inner Angel

Your Body: Gateway to the Divine

This book celebrates the physical body without fearing its ageing. It shows how we can access The Divine through our body.

Your Freudian Psychoanalysis

. . . in five hours, not five years

Forget the expensive couch and do it here in 28 cheat-proof questionnaires.

Your Personal Tuning Fork: The Endocrine System

Discover your body’s health secret, the endocrine system - your personal tuning fork, and ‘twang’ your way to sustainable health!

Your Quest for a Spiritual Life

Based on Patanjali's Yoga Sutras

This book is aimed at those who are walking their spiritual path, who are seeking guidance, and who practice Yoga.

Your Quest for Spiritual Knowledge

2012 and Beyond

This book is written for those who have an interest in walking their spiritual path, who need guidance. It is written from experience and carries great messages. Previously considered mysteries are explained in simple, easy-to-read terms.

Your Reiki Treatment

How to get the most out of it

Your Simple Path

Find happiness in every step

Find happiness in every step.

Your True Voice

Tools to Embrace a Fully-Expressed Life

Your True Voice is waiting to be expressed! Take a magical walk and align with the authentic, creative, powerful you!

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