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Naked Being

Undressing Your Mind, Transforming Your Life

The little book which takes you on a mind blowing journey home to the truth of Being. Naked Being provides a powerful foundation for positive and lasting life changes, a beautiful fusion of mainstream spirituality, esoteric oneness and non-duality.

Naked Tarot

Sassy, Stripped-Down Advice

The Tarot, and you, EXPOSED.

Naked Truth, The

Seven Keys for Experiencing Who You Are. A Practical Guide.

A practical guide that demystifies non-dualistic spirituality and guides you to experience who you are in truth.

Naming the Goddess

Naming the Goddess is written by over eighty adherents and scholars of Goddess and Goddess Spirituality.

Narrow Way, The

A Memoir Of Coming Out, Getting Clean and Finding Buddha

A harrowing and sometimes beautiful story of a man who lost his mind only to find it again halfway across the world.

Natural Born Shamans - A Spiritual Toolkit for Life

Using shamanism creatively with young people of all ages

THE book for anyone passionate about helping young people create a viable spiritual toolkit for life!

Naturalist and the Christ, The

A Lent Course Based on the Film Creation

God and evolution, God and suffering - a search for Darwins God.

Nature as Mirror

An ecology of Body, Mind and Soul

Everything in life is an organic process. This work helps to reflect back to you where you are in your own process.


NaturesScope offers a new way of relating to our natural evolutionary origins and one another that inspires empathy and co-creativity.

Nearest, The

Devotion Not Devotions

Anyone who has felt frustrated by an unfulfilling pattern of daily devotions will find help and hope in The Nearest.

Negative Capitalism

Cynicism in the Neoliberal Era

A lucid and groundbreaking analysis of contemporary neoliberalism and its devastating effects for young people today.

Neglected or Misunderstood: Introducing Theodor Adorno

An introductory approach that evaluates Theodor Adorno's work in its own terms and within those of present-day critical theory.

Neglected or Misunderstood: The Radical Feminism of Shulamith Firestone

Should pregnancy and childbirth be transformed, in order for women to be free?

Neoliberal Undead, The:

Essays on Contemporary Art and Politics

Charting new directions for cultural theory and practice and offering alternatives to the project of neoliberal class restoration.


A Philosophy of Networks for a Hyperconnected Age - A Manifesto

Networks are the future: here's the first philosophy based on networks, a new image of thought for a hyperconnected age.

New Jew, The

An Unexpected Conversion

Lapsed Midwestern Catholic girl marries into a New York Jewish family, discovers gefilte fish, synagogue, matriarchal mother-in-law, and Judaism.

New Life Stories

Journeys of Recovery in a Mindful Community

These fascinating real life stories of recovery from depression, addiction and burn-out demonstrate that however far we fall there is always hope.

New Light

12 Quaker Voices

A spiritual path for our time: simple, radical and contemporary

New Paradigm - A Spiritual Scientific Cosmology, The

Utilizing Twelve Fundamental Archetype at Base of the Laws of Physics

For those of you who want to know who and what you are and what your relationship is to the universe and its source.

New Paradigm Psychology

Embracing the New - Putting the Heart into Counseling and Psychology Practice

Become an incredibly effective agent of therapeutic and transformational change for your clients, eliminate burnout, and help facilitate outstanding clinical results.

New Philosophy of Literature, A

The Fundamental Theme and Unity of World Literature: the Vision of the Infinite and the Universalist Literary Tradition

The fundamental theme of world literature has conflicting metaphysical and secular aspects which the Universalist tradition in literature combines, offering a new direction in contempo

New Philosophy of Universalism, The

The Infinite and the Law of Order

New Philosophy of Universalism by Nicholas Hagger challenges the Dawkins-neoDarwinist view of a random universe in favour of an ordered bio-friendly one.

New Pyramid Age, The

Worldwide Discoveries of New Pyramids Challenge Our Thinking

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