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Footnotes, Mirages, Refrains and Leftovers of Writing Sound

Ephemeral, F.M.R.L: A collection of fragments and essays recording accidents of hearing and detours of thought in response to the peripheral nature of listening and reading.

Facing the Darkness

Stories, tools and inspiration to help those suffering from depression - from a Pagan perspective.

Faerie Stones

An Exploration of the Folklore and Faeries Associated with Stones & Crystals

Bringing the practical magic of the Faeries and their stones into your life.

Failing Logic of Money, The

Money is wasteful and cruel, causes war, crime and dysfunctional feudalism. Humankind needs happiness, peace and abundance.So banish money and use technology and knowledge to rid the world of war, crime and poverty.

Failure of Success, The

Redefining what matters

Success good, failure bad? Each holds the germ of the other. They are more alike than you think. 

Failure, A Writer's Life

Failure is a catalogue of literary monstrosities, a philosophy for the unreadable, and a map for new literary worlds.


A Guide to the Celtic Fair Folk

A Modern Guide to the Celtic Otherworld and its inhabitants.


Following the Path of Fairy Witchcraft

Following the call of the Old Gods along the path of the Fair Folk.

Fall, The (new edition with Afterword)

The Insanity of the Ego in Human History and the Dawning of a New Era

Falling Into Easy

Help For Those Who Can't Meditate

Cant meditate? Knees killing you? Misplaced the present moment? Let Falling Into Easy make meditation simple, practical and accessible.  

Falling Rate of Learning and the Neoliberal Endgame, The

Our education system is chained to the hold of a sinking capitalist ship. Is there any escape?

Family Planting

A farm-fed philosophy of human relations

How one family, pursuing a dream of rural living, grew an earth-friendly vision of love along with their tomatoes.

Famous Past Lives

Hypnotherapy past-life regression sessions in which ordinary people re-experience the lives of very famous people, including Elizabeth I and Shakespeare.

Farmhouse in the Rain, A

Even in war, there is such a thing as murder.

Fatal Facade, A

a crime thriller

A book full of incredible secrets. But one person is hiding the most incredible secret of all.

Fear of Music

Why People Get Rothko But Don't Get Stockhausen

An examination of why modern art can be easier to appreciate than modern music.

Fear of the Fathers

Part II of The Reiki Man Trilogy

With the Vatican closing in on the sacred knowledge can Stella and Jennings stop them before their influence enslaves mankind?

Feminism's Founding Fathers

The Men Who Fought for Women's Rights

The first book to tell the untold story of the male pioneers and fellow-travellers of Women's Lib.

Feng Shui Diaries

Does Feng Shui really work? How can it work for you?

Feral Chickens

A Hawaiian Comedy

When fowl turn foul!

Fiction - The Art and the Craft

How Fiction is Written and How to Write it

A highly practical exposition of all the major elements of fiction - such as plot, conflict, suspense, the hook, inference, character and dialogue.

Fifth Disciple, The

Choose Again and Find True Happiness

Provocative answers to transform our thinking about the age-old questions of our purpose in life and reason for being.

Film, Nihilism and the Restoration of Belief

This book explores the possibility that cinema can challenge our contemporary nihilism and restore belief in new transformative possibilities for life.

Find and Follow Your Inner Compass

Instant Guidance in an Age of Information Overload

It's time to reclaim control over your own life!

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