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Long Struggle, The by Amil Khan

Long Struggle, The

Amil Khan

Sep 2010

The best thing America can do for the Middle East is lose

Wandering Who? The by Gilad Atzmon

Wandering Who? The

Gilad Atzmon

Sep 2011

An explosive unique crucial book tackling the issues of Jewish Identity Politics and ideology and their global influence.

Ringtone and the Drum, The by Mark Weston

Ringtone and the Drum, The

Mark Weston

Oct 2012

Life, death and a brush with insanity in Africa's wild, forgotten West.

Biopolitical Imperialism by Mark G. E. Kelly

Biopolitical Imperialism

Mark G. E. Kelly

Jul 2015

The First World is a parasite, subsisting on life imported from the Third World, and exporting death in return.