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Under Foreign Eyes by James King

Under Foreign Eyes

James King

Feb 2012

This book is about an important sub-genre: the sixty Western films set in post World War II.

Ghosts of My Life by Mark Fisher

Ghosts of My Life

Mark Fisher

May 2014

Collected essays on popular culture by a major critic.

Good Day Today by Daniel Neofetou

Good Day Today

Daniel Neofetou

Dec 2012

This book argues that the films of David Lynch pose a radical challenge to conservative and absolutist ideologies.

Capitalist Superheroes  by Dan Hassler-Forest

Capitalist Superheroes

Dan Hassler-Forest

Dec 2012

The blockbuster superhero movie: popular entertainment or capitalist propaganda? This book investigates the 21st-century superhero's underlying political agenda.  

10/40/70 by Nicholas Rombes


Nicholas Rombes

Mar 2014

A bold experiment in film theory for the digital era.

No More Heroes? by Carl Neville

No More Heroes?

Carl Neville

Mar 2015

Neoliberalism, steroids, cocaine, deregulation and finance as reflected in the films of the 70s.

U.ESS.AY by Stephen  Lee Naish


Stephen Lee Naish

Jan 2014

Collects together the published essays of Stephen Lee Naish, into a narrative that explores the political and humanistic elements of modern cinema.

Seen and Not Seen by Jasun Horsley

Seen and Not Seen

Jasun Horsley

Jan 2015

If movies and popular culture shape us from an early age, how do we separate the real from the imaginary?

Shooting the Moon by Brian Willems

Shooting the Moon

Brian Willems

May 2015

The first book to examine the multiple and contradictory strategies for putting the moon on film.

Deconstructing Dirty Dancing by Stephen  Lee Naish

Deconstructing Dirty Dancing

Stephen Lee Naish

Apr 2017

It's time to take Dirty Dancing out of the corner and place it under the microscope.