Our Publishing Process

The complete details of our publishing process can be found in our User Manual. The full text is available here. You can browse the chapters and sections using the menu on your right (or below, for mobile devices).

Data Protection

John Hunt Publishing Ltd works in accordance with GDPR – General Data Protection Regulation.

Register of personal information held;

Authors’ information held by JHP Ltd on its database is supplied by the authors on an individual basis, who have access to their own through a password and can change it at any time. Contract notes say that in ticking the box to agree the contract authors consent to the company sharing any personal details they provide within the business for publishing-related purposes.

Sales/income figures; available on the Financials page in the Database for anyone in the business, and to the Author concerned (not available to other Authors).

Authors’ bank details; only accessible to financial staff in the Alresford office.

Marketing addresses; available to anyone in the business and to Authors. Marketing emails/newsletters are sent to shops/media who subscribe to receive them.

All non-author automated emails have an “unsubscribe” option.

In the case of publishing proposals that are declined, any files supplied electronically will be deleted and the email address removed (unless the author has another current book with the company).

The company does not share any personal information held with any other organization.

For inquiries regarding data we hold please email privacy@jhpbooks.com, or write to John Hunt Publishing Ltd, 3 East Street, Alresford, Hampshire, United Kingdom, SO24 9EE.