Our Publishing Process

The complete details of our publishing process can be found in our User Manual. The full text is available here. You can browse the chapters and sections using the menu on your right (or below, for mobile devices).

Common publishing abbreviations

[s] - Shelved
OP - Original Poster
OT - Off Topic


MMPB / PB - Mass-Market Paperback; sized: 4.25"x6.75"
TPB - Trade Paperback; larger than mmpb, but softbound; common sizes: 5.5"x8.5" & 6"x9"
GN - Graphic Novel; art & (almost always) text; often a compilation of individual comic book issues; called a trade paperback (usually softbound)
HC - Hardcover; most common size is Octavo (8vo): 5"x8" -> 6"x9"
eBk - an eBook / digital format (eg: .epub)

OoP / OOP / OP - Out of Print -- OP is generally used to refer to the Original Poster (or requester) who is looking for the book. (see above)
POD - Print on Demand
ARC - Advance Reading Copy

BC / BCE - Book Club Edition

ToC - Table of Contents

short - short story (often including novellas)

NA - New Adult (often: collage setting/ages)
YA - Young Adult (often: high school setting/ages)
MG - Middle Grade
Juv / Juve / Juvies - Juvenile

MC - Main Character (has also been: Motorcycle Club)
Protag - Protagonist
H & h - Hero and heroine; (very often capitalization denotes gender), sometimes used separately in desc. eg: H has baby with OW, h files for divorce.
pov - Point of View
POC - Person of color
ISO - In Search Of... [X]

NF - Non-fiction
SF / SciFi / scifi - Science Fiction
SF&F - Science Fiction and Fantasy
Fant / FN- Fantasy
Cont - Contemporary
UF - (contemporary) Urban Fantasy 
Rom / RO / (once RMC) - Romance
PnR / PNR - Paranormal Romance
H.Rom - Historical Romance
R.Rom - Regency Romance
H.Fic / Hist Fic / HF - Historical Fiction
Hor / HR - Horror
Susp - Suspense/Thriller
MS - Mystery and Suspence - also, Manuscript
RF - Realistic fiction
AA - Action and Adventure
Hum /HM - Humor
SP - Speculative Fiction
TH - Thriller
UR - Urban
MF - Misc. Fiction

TT - scifi: Time Travel
PUniv / PUni - scifi: Parallel Universe(s) / Crosstime
A.Hist - scifi: Alternate history
ESP - Extra-Sensory Perception; often used to inc. other psionic powers
were / shifter - limited shape-changing; like a werewolf - but usually inc. other animals/beasts; eg: were-dragon, were-tiger, were-bear
OCD - Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder

BDSM - Bondage (/Discipline) Domination (/Submission) Sadism/Masochism
SSC - BDSM: Safe/Sane/Consensual (most books have a statement)
GLBT / LBGT / (etc) - Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual and Transgender
M/M / MM / mm - Rom: Gay Male-to-Male
mmf - Rom: Male-Female-Male love triangle; implied homosexual interaction (mm), instead of just a menage-a-trois.
mfm - Rom: Male-Female-Male love triangle; hetero-only; implied sleeping together, instead of just a triangle (serial interactions only).
ff - Rom: Lesbian
OW - (typically Rom) Other Woman
moc - (typically Rom) Marriage of Convenience
HEA - happily ever after
HFN - happy for now
TSTL - (often Rom) too Stupid to live
OTT - Over the top

WIP - Work in Progress
TBR - To Be Read (pile, shelf, etc); books which a person is intending to read sometime 'soon'.