Our Publishing Process

The complete details of our publishing process can be found in our User Manual. The full text is available here. You can browse the chapters and sections using the menu on your right (or below, for mobile devices).




Whether you're a seasoned writing veteran or new to the industry, most manuscripts can be significantly improved with experienced external input, so we do provide options to buy extra editorial help if you wish to. The work is done by qualified writers we have worked with over a long period, and have usually published. If you're unsure which of the options is best for you, then please get in touch with us via the Author Forum and we'll be happy to discuss. See endorsements for our work at the bottom of this page.

A. Copyedit: 

  • All manuscripts that we accept for publication are copyedited. This is making the style internally consistent, checking grammar and spelling. There is no charge for this on any book.

The following are optional, though occasionally we might say something along the lines of "this manuscript would be fine with a heavy edit, so the offer is subject to that."

B. Reader Reports:

  • All submitted proposals get several Reader Reports, for which we do not charge. For a longer, 500–1000 word evaluation, £120/$180. For a more detailed evaluation of the manuscript, with suggestions for improvement, 3000–5000 words, £350/$525.

C. One-to-One Mentoring on Manuscript and Writing Skills:

  • Option a) Four hours in a month via email, £43/$66 per hour.
  • Option b) Five hours in a month, including one hour on Skype, £50/$77 per hour.
  • Both options are payable in advance for an inital three months, and extendable per month after that. 
  • Many authors do not realize where their weaknesses lie. They know their writing is missing something but are at a loss as to what to do about it. Whether you are just starting out, have been struggling to get into print, or simply want to polish your gem, this service will help you to realize your goal.
  • Our mentoring package will provide you with a personalized program of development, which will enable you to become a more accomplished writer. Every author has a unique voice and style, and our editors will work hard to ensure that mentoring will preserve and hone this uniqueness. We will at all times listen to your input and concerns about your own writing process.
  • An editor specializing in your genre/subject area will work closely with you on a one-to-one basis to strengthen your writing skills and ensure that your book maximizes its potential. You will be set challenges to boost your writing confidence and constructive criticism will enable you to recognize and improve existing strengths and weaknesses.
  • We will suggest books that will be helpful to you for those skills you particularly need to improve and enhance, such as dialogue, characterization or sense of place.
  • On Option b) there will be a once-a-month Skype tutorial, during which time any problems within the project will be addressed and guidance and support given.

D. Heavy Edit:

  • Enforce style manual, check citation accuracy, query writing, rewrite for sense, make appropriate for market, grammar, spelling, file clean-up, £16/$25 per 1000 words.
  • Typical mistakes that will be corrected by using this service include typos, spelling, grammar, general punctuation, and if appropriate, improving dialogue.
  • The completion date will be within four weeks of invoice being paid and manuscript uploaded.

E. Heavy Edit with Additional Writing Advice: 

  • £24/$37 per 1000 words.
  • The support provided under a heavy edit with writing advice will include all the items covered by a “heavy edit,” plus advice on flow, sentence construction, and referencing. For fiction it may also include advice on dialogue, plot holes and plot structure.
  • The completion date will be within six weeks of invoice being paid and manuscript uploaded.

F. Structural/Developmental Edit:

  • £43/$66 per 1000 words.
  • The support provided under this program includes all that is covered by a "Heavy Edit with Additional Writing Advice," plus the editor will work closely with you to assist in structuring your information correctly and in a clear fashion, including the use of footnotes, bibliography and referencing, and to ensure the text is reader-friendly and accessible. Also included is a general tidy-up.
  • If your book is fiction you will be offered advice on dialogue and characterization, including the use of plot devices such as backstory, flashback and internal dialogue/thoughts.
  • The editor will send you revised structural ideas one chapter at a time, annotated with comments, observations and advice.
  • The completion date will be between six to nine months from payment of invoice, dependent on the author's other commitments and the length of the book.

G. Rewriting:

  • On request, starting from £93/$144 per 1000 words.
  • Fiction: This provides one-to-one tutoring with one of our editors who specializes in your genre. Your editor will work closely with you to provide all the support covered under a structural/developmental edit plus offering advice on description and creating a sense of place, together with, importantly, ensuring that you are using "show" and not "tell."
  • Initially you will be required to produce an outline of your plot, chapter by chapter (no more than a quarter of a double-spaced page per chapter). You will also be required to produce a character profile for your main character(s), no more than half a double-spaced page per character.
  • Non-Fiction: This will provide the same overall support as Fiction as well as specific assistance in defining what the book is about, what market it is aimed at, and how to present your introduction to enable the reader to see what they will gain from reading your book at a quick glance. Your editor will provide advice, if applicable, on improving the interactive qualities of your book with the addition of exercises and examples where you might include these, and improve the relevance of any already included.  
  • Fiction and Non-Fiction: You will be asked to submit your work to your editor one chapter at a time. You will receive feedback on this by weekly email. Occasionally you may be offered a rewrite of a certain passage. Seeing a model of a different approach can be helpful.
  • The completion date will be between six to nine months from payment of invoice, dependent on the author's other commitments and the length of the book.
  • If you have a great idea for a story or have the knowledge and hands-on experience of a subject(s), but, for whatever reason, feel you will be unable to devote the time, or perhaps lack the experience, to bring this to fruition, then we could be the answer to your dilemma. 
  • Authors Services will pair you with an editor specializing in your genre/subject.

H. Ghostwriting:

  • Initially you will be required to produce an outline of your plot, chapter by chapter (no more than one double-spaced page per chapter). You will also be required to produce a character profile for your main character(s), no more than half a double-spaced page per character.
  • Your editor will contact you by email after they have read your outline and character profile with an estimated word count. At this point they will raise any questions pertaining to the above that they may have. Your editor will next email you with the work they have carried out, one chapter at a time, and you will be asked to comment on this. Work on the next chapter will not commence until the editor receives your feedback on the chapter submitted.
  • Assuming that you have been prompt in turning around the chapters sent to you, the completion date will be between six to twelve months from payment of invoice.

I. Indexing:

  • Quoted on demand by external indexer. Around £6 to £9 / $10 to $15 per 1000 words. See more in Index in Preparing Your Manuscript

We pitch our costs at much less than the going commercial rate; see for instance the Editorial Freelancers Association price list at http://www.the-efa.org/res/rates.php.

  • For all services, “Track Changes” will be shown so that you can see the editing that has taken place.
  • The above services are not a guarantee of contract level (unless a contract has already been offered) as this is dependent solely on marketability, author platform and previous books/sales.
  • Payment terms: Payment will be invoiced and will need to be settled before editing work begins.
  • Please note that the above costs are based on the wordage of the final, completed manuscript and not on the submitted word count. If the completed manuscript is over an additional 10% you will be invoiced for the additional work on completion.


The Editors

Clockwise, from left - Maria Moloney Wilbrink, Krystina KellingleySarah Beth-Watkins, 

You are likely to be allocated one of the editors above, depending on the style/subject matter of the book, and availability.

Maria Moloney Wilbrink

Maria is the author of five MBS books, and a children’s novel (and has contributed to several others), edited two magazines, and has many articles published in popular MBS magazines. Over several years she has guest lectured at a UK university, travelled internationally to give talks and workshops, and taught creative writing. She has an honours degree in Imaginative Writing and Literature, and has studied both Writing and Research at postgraduate level. Maria lives in Ireland.

Krystina Kellingley

Krystina is a publisher and author with Our Street Books. She has had several short stories published as well as online articles on dream interpretation and other subjects. She is a teacher of creative writing, and lives in the UK.

Sarah-Beth Watkins

Sarah has been a freelance writer for over 20 years writing for magazines and websites, on a wide range of topics. She has written over 300 articles for the web. She has four titles published with Compass Books and two with Chronos. She tutors creative writing and journalism courses for various colleges and community centres, and lives in County Wexford, Ireland.

Sample endorsements



Krystina Kellingley - I find your editing touch just superb.……you have to understand that I have been a lawyer for 17 years and I give advice for a living. I ran small businesses for years before that and am more accustomed to giving orders than to taking them.


However, I am grateful that every rare now and then, a person comes along whose insight and talent demands not only that I listen, but follow her lead. Your initial straightforward comments told me what I needed to do here, and they forced me to look at this book with more of an editor's eye than a writer's eye. The heartless slashing and burning of redundant, weak language which followed, and which you advised, greatly improved this novel, and your kind comments tell me I achieved what you wished me to and what I needed to. Further, your judicious and thoughtful touch on this seems just picture perfect. I feel very lucky to have you working on this and I wanted to express my appreciation.  

David I. Aboulafia, Visions Through A Glass, Darkly, Cosmic


After I signed a contract with John Hunt Publishing, I elected to work with Krystina on a monthly basis to refine the writing on my young adult science fiction manuscript. 

Before seeking mentorship, I'd work-shopped my manuscript, had numerous reader critiques, edited and rewrote on my own for years. All of these processes were helpful, but during my time with Krystina I grew faster than any other experience. She perceptively diagnosed issues that made my writing inaccessible to the reader and she offered practical strategies for me to address them. Many of her critiques revealed my 'blind spots', problems that I did not notice on my own.

I also felt that aside from excelling as a teacher, she took a personal interest in my progress as a writer.  I remain grateful for her wealth of invaluable advice.

Sarah Bergstrom, Desert Dwellers, Lodestone Books

I felt very lucky to have Krystina Kellingley as my editor and mentor. She is a sensitive and intuitive professional with broad vision and a huge knowledge in creative writing.

Krystina is a visionary who has the ability of traveling deeply inside the story as if she were one of the characters. All this ensures a high quality on her work.

F. T. Camargo, Shanti and the Magic Mandala, Our Street Books






I felt it important to write a review on Krystina Kellingley, what a treasure! I was very apprehensive about having an editor go over my manuscript, but all my fears were set-aside with the first email I received back from Krystina. So very easy to work with, she not only improved my manuscript greatly, but did so with uncanny insight honoring my voice and intention. Through the whole process, I was able to learn through the notes she added as she edited, and as a result, I believe I have come out the other end a far better writer. I am planning and hoping to have her edit my next book. Thank you Krystina for finding the symphony in all my noise.

Denise McDermott-King, The Master, The Lover, and Me, Axis Mundi Books (book is in production, cover not currently available)

When I agreed to a mentoring program for my first completed manuscript, I really had no idea what to expect. But Krystina Kellingley quickly had me assured that it would be a great experience. She never hesitated to tell me where my writing could use improvement, while also knowing how to keep a completely constructive tone, always making clear that the goal was to help me make my work better, now and in the future. She also had great suggestions on other works I could read to see examples of what she was talking about done right, which aided a great deal in letting me get the point. I thoroughly enjoyed working with her and am very grateful for everything she did for me.

Ryan Lohner, The Place Beyond, Lodestone Books (book is in production, cover not currently available)

More endorsements under the imprints, on the website, as in http://www.zero-books.net/author-endorsements.html.


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