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Machine Society, The

Rich or poor. They want you to be a prisoner.

In post-apocalyptic London, there’s the monotony of life in the Perimeter or the promise of luxury in the Better Life Complex.

Mad Gods and Englishmen

A Fantasy

To avoid taking the fall for the ultimate murder,Tommy Storm must confront powerful forces that desire to control the world.

Made in Brooklyn

Artists, Hipsters, Makers, Gentrifiers

The artist is dead. There are only makers now.

Made it Thru the Rain

to light the journey ahead

courageously demonstrates how an ordinary life can become extraordinary and how experience can indeed be the greatest gift.

Madness and the Magic, The

A dishy vicar, an unexpected grandchild and hot will a witch like Minerva cope with one hormonal challenge after another?

Magic Crystals, Sacred Stones

Discover magical and sacred uses of the crystals, minerals and rocks that make up your part of the world.

Magic Kingdom, The

Property, Monarchy, and the Maximum Republic

What would you need if you wanted to live in a democracy? What would living in a democracy be like?

Magnificent Me, Magnificent You - Grand Canyon

A story of discovery with a range of inspiring fun exercises, activities, songs and games.

Malaise, The

2038: a population under technological dependence is decimated by murder and suicide. One man is on a collision course with the chilling force behind the apocalypse...


A Swedish Affair

Alan Harrison is mourning the death of his wife. A trip to Sweden is in the offing - but will it help him get over it?

Malign Velocities

Accelerationism and Capitalism

Against the need for speed, Malign Velocities tracks acceleration as the symptom of the ongoing crises of capitalism.

Man of the New Millennium

A search for us in an age of me

The road from man cruel to manKIND.

Man Who Drew Triangles, The

Magician, mystic, or out of his mind?

If this book was a racehorse it would be out of `Alice in Wonderland´ by `The Celestine Prophecy'

Manifesting Mr Wonderful

Empowering spiritual guide for women, committed to manifesting a loving relationship with the right man.

Mankind's Last Chance

Healing for a Broken World

The only solutions to our current economic, environmental and social crises are to be found in spiritual transformation on a universal scale.

Mantra and the Goddess

A Poetic Interpretation of the Sri Lalita Sahasranama

Mantra and the Goddess is a guide to a life of inner beauty. It reveals the virtue, allure, and power of the Goddess in each of us.

Many Mansions

A companion volume to I Am With You

Glimpses of Heaven and the hereafter in a sequel to the much-loved devotional books, I Am With You, I Am With You for Young People and Abide in My Love.

Many-Sided Wisdom

A New Politics of the Spirit

A new politics of the spirit - healing, not conflict, neither left nor right but in front.

Map to God, A

Awakening Spiritual Integrity

Mar Saba Codex

A novel that explores, in depth, the major religious questions of our day - read it if you dare.

Margaret Tudor, Queen of Scots

The Life of King Henry VIII’s Sister

The troubled life of King Henry VIII's older sister, Margaret, Queen of Scots, during the tumultuous early years of the 16th Century.

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