Henry, Henry

A Novella

Brian Willems

Kill All Normies

Online culture wars from 4chan and Tumblr to Trump and the alt-right

Angela Nagle

Deconstructing Dirty Dancing

Stephen Lee Naish

Uncertain Futures

An Assessment of the Conditions of the Present

Edmund Berger

Continuity and Rupture

Philosophy in the Maoist Terrain

J. Moufawad-Paul


Rise of the busybody state

Josie Appleton

Dark Matters

A Manifesto for the Nocturnal City

Nick Dunn


Political Conversations from Everyday Analysis

EDA Collective

Zero Squared #111: Michael Tracey on Russia Collusion and Obstruction May 24 2017

Michael Tracey is a reporter for TYT politics and a freelance journalist who has written for Vice, The Nation, Rolling Stone, the Washington Post, The Intercept, and The New Republic, along with many ...

Upcoming Left Forum Panels in June: Killing Normies and Capitalism Falling Down May 21 2017

Kill All Normies: From 4chan and Tumblr to Trump and the alt-right A discussion about the rise of the racist right and protofascism led by Angela Nagle. Angela Nagle is a cultural critic living in ...

Inside Zero Books #34: Marx's Critique of Hegel May 20 2017

This episode of the Inside Zero Books podcast is a conversation about Marx's unpublished essay "Critique of Hegel’s Philosophy in General" with C Derick Varn and Douglas Lain. Listeners may be inter...

Zero Squared #110: Dark Matters May 18 2017

Nick Dunn is a professor of Urban Design at Lancaster University. He is formerly of the Manchester School of Architecture where he was Principal Lecturer, Director of Studies and Co-director of the [R...

Inside Zero Books Special from C-Realm May 14 2017

This week's Inside Zero Books podcast is actually an episode from the C-Realm's membership site. The original description, slightly edited, follows: Sam Harris interviewed Charles Murray for his ...

Zero Squared #109: The Overculture Bites Back May 10 2017

David Auerbach is a freelance columnist and gadfly who has written for the LA Review of Books, Slate, the American Reader, and many other publications. He is a former software engineer based in New Yo...

Inside Zero Books #33: Anarchists Against Identity (politics) May 7 2017

This week's Inside Zero Books podcast features the second half of a conversation with C Derrick Varn. Varn is a poet with a Left Communist fan base on reddit, a teacher and University lecturer, a Ze...