Porn Panic!

Sex and Censorship in the UK

Jerry Barnett

Reading the Way of Things

Towards a New Technology of Making Sense

Daniel Coffeen

Airplane Reading

Christopher Schaberg
Mark Yakich

Babbling Corpse

Vaporwave and the Commodification of Ghosts

Grafton Tanner

Dead People

Morgan Meis
Stefany Anne Golberg

Zen City

Eliot Fintushel

Zero Squared #76: Black Anger and Black Politics Jul 21 2016

Margaret Kimberley discusses black anger and BLM on this week's episode. A regular columnist for the Black Agenda Report, Margaret Kimberley is also a regular guest on the podcast. We discuss broken w...

Zero Squared #75: Summer Drone Jul 13 2016

Joanna Demers is associate professor of musicology at the University of Southern California’s Thornton School of Music, where she specializes in post-1945 popular and art music. Her book with Zero B...

Zero Squared #74: Conceptual Militancy Jul 8 2016

Mike Watson is an art theorist and curator based in Italy. He writes regularly for Frieze, Art Review and Radical Philosophy and his book Towards a Conceptual Militancy is currently out from Zero Book...

Zero Squared #73: Brexit and the Rise of the Right Jul 1 2016

Andrew Kliman, author of Reclaiming Marx’s Capital and The Failure of Capitalist Production returns this week to discuss the Brexit and the rise of the far right. What might be unique about this...

Zero Squared #72: Radical Islam? Jun 23 2016

Nadim Bakhshov is the guest this week as we continue a conversation about Islam that we started in episode forty-nine entitled Against Capitalist Education. Nadim is the author of a book from Zero wit...

Advancing Conversations: Appearance on Right Wing Radio Jun 18 2016

Zero Books publisher Douglas Lain was a guest on the American conservative radio program "The Brett Winterble Show" wherein he spoke briefly about Zero's new line of books Advancing Conversations, Aub...

Zero Squared #71: Conceptual Militancy Jun 16 2016

This week’s podcast is a recording of Mike Watson’s talk with Mark McGowan (AKA the Artist Taxi Driver) at the Open School East. Mike Watson is an art theorist and curator based in Italy and he w...