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Zero Squared #86: Zen City Sep 29 2016

Eliot Fintushel is the guest this week as we discuss his novel Zen City which was published by Zero Books in June. The book received a starred review in publisher’s weekly: Zen City succeeds bril...

Inside Zero Books #4: Ashley Frawley on Trump and Rage Sep 23 2016

This week's members only podcast features a conversation with Ashley Frawley on Kenan Malik's essay "Between Rage and Terror" and a blog entry about Trump at the Loughborough News Blog. In order to...

Zero Squared #85: Marxism vs Libertarianism Sep 22 2016

Last Wednesday hosted a debate in Stockholm in cooperation with Marxist-Humanist Initiative and this week’s podcast is a recording of that debate between libertarian economist Per Bylund and...

Inside Zero Books #3: The Alt Right/Marxist Dilemma Sep 17 2016

This week the Inside Zero Books Podcast is the second half of a conversation with C Derick Varn and Douglas Lain as they explore the Alt Right. The conversation devolves into a bitch fest, but there a...

Zero Squared #84: Contradictions on the Left and Right Sep 15 2016

Emanuel Kumlien is the guest this week as we discuss a debate in Stockholm between Andrew Kliman (the author of Reclaiming Marx’s Capital) and Per Bylund (author of The Seen, the Unseen, and the Pro...

Inside Zero Books Podcast #2: Understanding the Alt Right pt 1 Sep 10 2016

This week's Inside Zero Books Podcast features the first half of a conversation with C Derick Varn and Douglas Lain as they explore the history and philosophy of the Alt Right. They discuss what the A...

Zero Squared #83: Taste the Vapor Sep 8 2016

Grafton Tanner is a writer and musician from Georgia. His writing has appeared in Paste magazine, Film Matters, and The Blue Indian, and his debut book, Babbling Corpse: Vaporwave and the Commodificat...