Whose Authority?

Whose Authority?

The neo-liberal attack on local government and local democracy

A vociferous cry against the neo-liberal assault on local government services and the attack on local democracy.


    The ConDem Coalition government in Britain is launching an experiment in public service provision that will take billions of pounds out of public and local government welfare services in the expectation that 'for-profit' and social enterprise businesses will step into the breach. The outcome will be devastating for some of the poorest and most vulnerable communities in Britain who will witness benefit and service cuts at a level unseen for generations. The consequence will be even greater inequality and a range of social problems that will stalk British society for years to come. This experiment also marks a significant break in established patterns of local government and local democratic accountability. Locally controlled services will be outsourced to unelected and unaccountable service providers.This book looks at these twin processes and argues that the assault on local services requires a concerted response from local communities, local trade unions and their local elected representatives within local government. It is a call to arms for those who oppose the social violence that is being unleashed by Britain's ConDem Coalition.

    Michael Lavalette
    Michael Lavalette Michael Lavalette was born in Scotland's industrial belt but now lives with his family in Preston in north-west England. He is an academic a...
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