Slave States

Slave States

the practice of Kafala in the Gulf Arab Region

Enslavement, trafficking, sexual starvation. Abuse of workers in the Gulf Arab Region.


A stark expose of the enslavement, trafficking, sexual starvation and general abuse of workers in the Gulf Arab Region.


With the world climate at peak awareness at this point it is important for all of us to become familiar with the information Presented by the fine journalist Yasin Kakande. The more we know the better informed we can be about both sides of the clash of titans that exists at present. Grady Harp ~ Grady Harp,

Kakande's expose of the seamy side of life in the Gulf is an important counterweight to the free pass the GCC (Gulf Cooperation Council) gets in the western press. Oil corrupts, and the oil alliance that the West has with primitive tribal 'emirates' and the Saudi kingdom has poisoned world politics for long enough. Time for a new world order, where the practice of kafala plays no part. ~ Eric Walberg, author of Postmodern Imperialism: Geopolitics and the Great Games

In this moving and inconvenient account Yasin Kakande makes a compelling case for labor rights, press freedom and a reform of the kafala-sponsorship system. ~ Eckart Woertz, Barcelona Centre for International Affairs (CIDOB) and author of Oil for Food

Yasin Kakande
Yasin Kakande A native of Uganda, Yasin Kakande has been a Middle East journalist for more than a decade. He has worked for the Abu Dhabi-based The Nation...

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