Serf's Journal, A

Serf's Journal, A

The Story of the United States' Longest Wildcat Strike

The Story of the United States' Longest Wildcat Strike.


Recalling the JeffBoat incident of 2001, A Serf's Journal is Terry Tapp's formidable first-hand account of American workers in Jeffersonville, Indiana, as they fought a multinational company and their corrupt union to stage the longest wildcat strike in US history.


Every day, millions of people grind their way through miserable work. And every day, a few of them decide the status quo cannot stand - they have to fight back. Very few of either of those stories ever get told, particularly by the heroic people who lived them. Terry Tapp does both in a tale of unbelievably miserable, dangerous work and courageous, fed-up workers up against incredibly tall odds. Anyone who has worked a terrible job should read it. Anyone who has dreamed about fighting back should study it. ~ Micah Uetricht, Jacobin Magazine

Felix Guattari once wrote that ‘it is not only species that are becoming extinct but also the words, phrases and gestures of human solidarity.’ Tapp’s journal/memoir, an exploration of a single workers strike in the age of surveillance and the police state, helps us work against this disaster perceived by Guattari years ago. A Serf’s Journal is a powerful and much needed overdue call for solidarity today. ~ Alfie Bown, Hong Kong Review of Books

Working dangerous jobs in an unsafe shipyard, Terry Tapp was up against oppressive company management, a corrupt union in cahoots with the company and the everyday struggle to survive on inadequate pay. But rather than be in competition with one another, he and his co-workers learn to instead cooperate with each other and even win some battles. He tells this story of working people learning to fight back with the soul of a poet and an ability to connect individual struggles with the far larger economic forces that are making life so miserable for so many. ~ Pete Dolack, author of It's Not Over: Learning From the Socialist Experiment

This is a fascinating narrative of what it's like to work as a genuine, authentic worker producing real goods in a physical dimension. Someday this book may be viewed as long-gone nostalgia, but perhaps not! Read And Enjoy... ~ V. Vale, founder of Search & Destroy and RE/Search, Research Publications

Terry Tapp
Terry Tapp Terry Tapp is an artist and writer living in New York City. Originally from Central Appalachia, Terry spent many years working trade jobs, w...
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