Sacred And The Profane, The

Sacred And The Profane, The

An Investigation Of Hipsters

The Sacred and the Profane examines the hipster and the current cultural impasse by going beyond "going-against-the-grain."


The Sacred and the Profane is a work that combines local and global analysis to examine our age's often-talked about, but mostly misunderstood, mainstream subculture: the hipster. This book seeks to answer questions like, Why don't hipsters want to be called hipsters? and Why do they act like they are different when they are just like all the other hipsters?  If you can't stand hipsters, are a hipster, or don't know what a hipster is, this book is for you.

Jake Kinzey
Jake Kinzey Jacob Kinzey is currently studying History at McGill University in Montreal, Canada. He is originally from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.
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