Pro Bono?

Pro Bono?

Can capitalism promote effective philanthropy and altruism? Have the big society right wing neoliberals got it wrong?


Pro Bono? discusses philanthropy not as a social or humanitarian practice but as an integrated part of present-day creative capitalism, having a direct relation to its growing inequality.
The book investigates four expressions of philanthropy as ideology: consumer philanthropy, where we are asked to consume with good conscience; corporate philanthropy where businesses engage in social work and where philanthropic associations reengineer themselves to mimic corporations; billionaire philanthropy where conspicuous consumption is now being supplemented with conspicuous philanthropy; and finally celebrity philanthropy where now one of the hallmarks of a celebrity is the commitment to use that fame to do good.

Mikkel Thorup
Mikkel Thorup Mikkel Thorup is an intellectual historian focusing on the political history of the present.
Modern Machiavelli by Philip Eager, Troy  Bruner

Modern Machiavelli

Philip Eager
Troy Bruner

Win at work and in life with smart, social tactics.

Small Change, Big Deal by Jennifer Kavanagh

Small Change, Big Deal

Jennifer Kavanagh

Money is about relationship: between individuals and between communities. Small is still beautiful - as microcredit shows.

Failing Logic of Money, The by Duane Mullin

Failing Logic of Money, The

Duane Mullin

Money is wasteful and cruel, causes war, crime and dysfunctional feudalism. Humankind needs happiness, peace and abundance.So banish money and use technology and knowledge to rid the world of war, crime and poverty.