Post-Continental Voices: Selected Interviews
This collection brings together seven emerging post-continental philosophers offering a rare insight into the closeted world of academic philosophy.

This collection of interviews brings together seven post-continental thinkers to discuss their own personal academic development, their experiences of graduate school and their hopes for post-continental philosophy. Each thinker has been chosen for their importance, popularity and potential. Opening with a short introduction this book offers a rare insight into the world of academic philosophy from the inside. Acting as a handbook to post-continental philosophy this book will prepare students for the unique challenges facing academic philosophy in the coming years. The following thinkers appear in the book: Graham Harman, Jeffrey Malpas, Lee Braver, Stuart Elden, Ian Bogost, Levi R. Byrant, and Adrian Ivakhiv.
  • Ennis is an expert guide to survey the coming landscape of Continental philosophy. The interviews here offer a fascinating glimpse of a Continental geography in which the analytic/Continental split is rendered meaningless and new methods are being offered to rethink classical philosophical questions. Ennis is a great surrogate for the reader, asking questions that you have in mind as the interviews develop, and the dialogue themselves are approachable to both the lay reader and expert alike. Pick up this book and grab a front seat to those whose work will be in short order the landmarks of our post-Continental futures. ~ Peter Gratton, Assistant Professor, University of San Diego