Politics by Other Means

Politics by Other Means

Selected Criticism from Review 31

A collection of the site's very best reviews on art, culture & theory.


Launched in October 2011, the online literary journal Review 31 - www.review31.co.uk - enjoys a growing reputation as one of the most intelligent and thoughtful literary resources on the web. Publishing accessible and informed reviews of the most interesting new titles, Review 31 covers non-fiction books on politics, history, art & culture, as well as literary fiction.
This volume is a collection of the site’s very best reviews on art, culture & theory. Contributors include Nina Power, Benjamin Noys, Ian Birchall, Gee Williams, Robert Barry and Sebastian Truskolaski. The volume covers an expansive array of topics from hipsterism and digital technology to the rise of what Neal Curtis calls ‘idiotism’ in contemporary culture, through literary theory, architecture and continental philosophy. The title - a nod, of course, to Clausewitz’s famous dictum that war is ‘politics by other means’ - is an acknowledgement of the radical political current that informs much of the criticism in these pages.

Houman Barekat
Houman Barekat Houman Barekat is a London-based writer and the editor of Review 31.

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