Outside the Revolution; Everything

Outside the Revolution; Everything

A redefinition of left-wing identity in contemporary cuban music Making

Through the reclamation of a left-wing identity, disparate groups of Cuban musicians seek a collective Cubanness ‘outside of the Revolution’.  


Outside the Revolution; Everything is aimed at an audience of those interested in the music and culture of Cuba, but who wish to expand their understanding beyond the often narrow portrait presented in world music circuits. Ultimately, this is a book that attempts to reconnect Cuba socially, culturally, historically and politically into a global narrative, and as such may be of interest to people working in any of those fields, particularly within Caribbean or Latin American studies.


Porno Para Ricardo... are among the artists highlighted by author Tom Astley... who are not only challenging the notion of what Cuban music can be, but are also seeking to advance discourses pertaining to what being "left wing" in Cuba really means today... Astley succinctly details a recalcitrant music scene in this fascinating book which examines their quest for a new alternative. ~ The Crack Magazine

"An astute and well grounded book that captures the musical landscape of contemporary Cuba in its richness and complexity." ~ Sujatha Fernandes, Associate Professor of Sociology, CUNY, email

Outside the Revolution; Everything: A Redefinition of Left-Wing Identity in Contemporary Cuban Music Making by Thomas Astley revisits and redefines the quest for a left-wing Cuban identity through a thoughtful and provocative analysis of the incorporation of musics not traditionally defined as “Cuban” —punk, rap, and, to some extent, certain singer-songwriter styles. It is bound to raise some eyebrows at various points along the political spectrum (as such works always do), but it is well researched and documented and, building upon previous work with original research and interpretation, adds significantly to the body of knowledge addressing this topic. The historical moments that provide the focal points for analysis — the Revolution, the Special Period, and the present — are well chosen to illustrate Astley’s themes. And the particular artists he profiles — punk rockers Porno Para Ricardo, rapper Escuadron Patriota, and singer-songwriter Pedro Luis Ferrer — demonstrate the diversity of styles that incorporate outside influences and a more global cosmopolitanism in the construction of contemporary Cuban identity.   ~ Professor Reebee Garofalo

http://www.journallive.co.uk/culture-newcastle/book-reviews/2012/08/25/heaton-author-tom-astley-on-his-new-cuban-music-book-61634-31692153/ ~ Kate Proctor, The Journal

Tom Astley
Tom Astley Tom Astley is a musician, writer and academic from County Durham. He is currently writing a PhD in ethnomusicology, focussing on Cuban punk ...
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