Literary Freedom: a Cultural Right to Literature

Literary Freedom: a Cultural Right to Literature

How do we protect literary freedom while preventing the harm done by literary hate speech? This book presents an innovative new approach to literary freedom as a cultural right.


Literary Freedom: a Cultural Right to Literature is a non-fiction study of literary freedom from a political-philosophical perspective. It adds an original perspective on the issue of literary freedom as it synthesises debates from human rights as well as providing a new way of addressing the question 'How do we mitigate against the harm caused by hate speech?' by applying Amartya Sen's capability approach to this question.


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Heather Katharine McRobie
Heather Katharine McRobie Heather McRobie (b. 1985) is a British-Australian novelist and journalist. Her first novel, Psalm 119, was published when she was 23 and wo...

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