In Confidence: Talking Frankly about Fame

In Confidence: Talking Frankly about Fame

Celebrity artists, scientists, actors, film-makers and novelists on being famous.


A study of celebrity based on the seventy odd interviews featured in the Sky Arts television series, In Confidence. Informants include David Schwimmer, Stephen Fry, Harry Belafonte, Alan Ayckbourn, Kathie Burke, Michael Frayn, Christopher Hitchens, Damien Hirst, Tracey Emin, Sheila Hancock, Richard Dawkins, Miriam Margolys, Tracey Emin, and Nigel Kennedy. Here you will find everyone from politicians to artists, film-makers to novelists, talking frankly about fame and reputation.


In an age of soapy soundbites, Taylor's hour-long interview strand is a serious attempt to delve deeper into its subjects. ~ The Telegraph

In this era of presentation bells and whistles, it's hard to over-emphasise how satisfying it is to see a television show that simply involves two engaging and articulate people talking to each other… Great stuff. ~ Time Out

Laurie Taylor
Laurie Taylor The broadcaster Laurie Taylor has been one of the most distinctive voices on BBC Radio 4 for over 40 years. His weekly live programme Thinki...

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