Feminism's Founding Fathers

Feminism's Founding Fathers

The Men Who Fought for Women's Rights

The first book to tell the untold story of the male pioneers and fellow-travellers of Women's Lib.


Why have so many remarkable men fought for women's rights, often risking their careers and ruining their health? Who were these men, what were their backgrounds, above all: what kind of relationships did they have with women? Finally, if there have been so many deviations from the male-oppressor/female-victim cliché, doesn't this stereotype need to be relativized or indeed rejected?
Feminism's Founding Fathers is the first book to tell the untold story of the "traitors" to the men's cause - the pioneers and fellow-travellers of female emancipation. It challenges accepted wisdom and reveals the vital role that men have played in making Women's Lib happen.


This book gave me a whole new perspective about the history of the feminist movement. I hope that a lot of men read this book, and see why everyone (not just women) need feminism. ~ Justine Kraemer, Librarian, NetGalley

Kaevan Gazdar
Kaevan Gazdar Kaevan Gazdar was born in Calcutta in 1951 and brought up in India, where he did a Bachelor's degree in Commerce and qualified as a chartere...
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