Eastern Spring

Eastern Spring

A 2nd Gen Memoir

Haunting, ferociously powerful look at life as a 2nd-generation immigrant in Coventry, England through the music of an ancient past. 


From the grey streets of Coventry, to the green jungles of India, Neil Kulkarni chases the sounds of his past and ancient songs from the sub-continent to try and find himself  a new way of listening to some of the oldest music on earth. Part touching memoir, part ferocious polemic,  An Eastern Spring confronts race and the ghosts of the past in a fearless attempt to map our past, present and future as western music listeners.

Neil Kulkarni
Neil Kulkarni Neil Kulkarni has been writing about pop since 1994.
Honey in the River by Marsha Scarbrough

Honey in the River

Marsha Scarbrough

Single White Female falls in love with a polygamous West African shaman and explores his indigenous spirituality.

Religion and the Public Conscience by Randi J. Walker

Religion and the Public Conscience

Randi J. Walker

A public conscience, influenced by Christianity and other religions, played a key role in pre-1960s civil rights movements in multi-racial Seattle and other western cities.