Dynamo Island

Dynamo Island

The cultural history and geography of a Utopia

At the crossroads of fiction and social theory, the book confronts fundamental issues facing Western civilization in the 21st century.


Dynamo Island is an account of a contemporary ideal world set in an Ireland-sized island in the middle of the Atlantic ocean. It expresses the possibility of a modern society living in harmonious ecological balance with its environment. The ethos of the place is built around the notion of the human being as a dynamo managing and self-regulating energy in a way that draws on without harming the natural world. One of the island’s main features is that there are no cars, only bicycles along with a comprehensive public tram and electric train network.


This is a significant and timely addition to the genre of Utopian fiction, a reminder that the novel is only one way to envision other places. 'Dynamo Island' employs the rhetoric, structure and scruple of the scholarly monograph alongside the plasticity of mind common to the writing of fiction and the creation of art. ~ Tom Lee

David Scott
David Scott David Scott holds a personal chair in French (Textual & Visual Studies) at Trinity College Dublin. He has written widely on literature, pain...

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