Don't Lose Track Vol. 1: 40 Selected Articles, Essays and Q&As

Don't Lose Track Vol. 1: 40 Selected Articles, Essays and Q&As

Don't lose track, she moves fast.


Don't Lose Track is a collection from the widely published arts and culture journalist, Jordannah Elizabeth. The book includes reviews, essays and interviews hand selected by Jordannah from a catalog of over 200 articles.

REVIEWS & ENDORSEMENTS ~ Angela Mastrogiacomo , Infectious Magazine

This review inspired me to check out the album. I found it strange but beautiful, just as the author depicted. Excellent article! - Susan Harvey ~ Susan Harvey ,

"I was at this show and the review was right on, gone it would seem are the days of Anton attacking the audience. They have become maybe the best shoe gaze band ever." ~ Nick Lamagna,

"There’s nothing we love more at Infectious than hard working, passionate, ambitious people, and the Bay Area’s Jordannah Elizabeth is just that..." ~ Angela Mastrogiacomo, Infectious Magazine

Jordannah Elizabeth
Jordannah Elizabeth ​Jordannah Elizabeth is a musician, entertainment journalist, author, model and the founder of ​the literary nonprofit, Publik / Private...
Fear of Music by David Stubbs

Fear of Music

Why People Get Rothko But Don't Get Stockhausen

David Stubbs

Rebel Rebel by Chris O'Leary

Rebel Rebel

All the songs of David Bowie from '64 to '76

Chris O'Leary

Clampdown by Rhian E. Jones


Pop-cultural wars on class and gender

Rhian E. Jones

Resilience & Melancholy by Robin James

Resilience & Melancholy

pop music, feminism, neoliberalism

Robin James

Brad Pitt's Dog by Johan Kugelberg

Brad Pitt's Dog

Essays on Fame, Death, Punk

Johan Kugelberg

Strangled by Phil Knight


Identity, Status, Structure and The Stranglers

Phil Knight

Punk Is Dead: Modernity Killed Every Night by Andrew Gallix, Richard Cabut

Punk Is Dead: Modernity Killed Every Night

Andrew Gallix
Richard Cabut

Colloquium: Sound Art and Music by Thomas Gardner, Salomé Voegelin

Colloquium: Sound Art and Music

Thomas Gardner
Salomé Voegelin

Anatomy of Thought-Fiction by Joanna Demers

Anatomy of Thought-Fiction

CHS report, April 2214

Joanna Demers