Coming Revolution, The

Coming Revolution, The

Capitalism in the 21st Century

A technological revolution is driving capitalism toward crisis and collapse – can our society evolve in time to rescue the future?

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A technological revolution is driving capitalism toward crisis and collapse. Can our society evolve in time to rescue the future?  

Radical advances in automation, robotics, and computer technology have thrown millions out of work and will only continue to do so in the years to come. At the same time, cheap, individually-accessible machines will wrestle for primacy with both gleaming highly-automated factories and sweatshops alike, ultimately eroding the dominance of industrial production. Economic growth is slowing down, and it is not going to speed up again. The pressures fueling today's global unrest will not go away and are only going to get worse as wages stagnate in many countries, solid employment becomes harder to find, and cuts to social benefits continue. Competing radical and reactionary ideologies will clash as political consensus crumbles and the world's peoples search for answers to these challenges. In its opening decades, the 21st will be a century of war and revolution. By the end of the 21st century, capitalism will be consigned to the history books. Despite the seeming darkness of our era, our future is filled with incredible possibility. If working people join together, we can create a world of freedom, beauty, and abundance, where poverty and tyranny are merely distant memories for our grandchildren. This is the story of The Coming Revolution.

Ben Reynolds
Ben Reynolds Ben Reynolds is an author and activist based until recently in New York City. His essays, articles, and commentary have appeared in ROAR Mag...

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