Blue in the Air, The

Blue in the Air, The

A retrieved man tells how music, from Patrick Cargill to Jay-Z, retained the power to change the world in 2008.


A former widower whose life was saved by writing about music spends a year waiting for his new wife to fly over from Toronto and join him in London. While he waits he observes that the world is subtly changing and that music has played a key part in these changes. A galaxy of characters, ranging from Marty Wilde to Jay-Z via Glenn Gould, Dorothy Squires, Britney Spears, Karlheinz Stockhausen, Patrick Cargill, Orson Welles and many forgotten others, conspire to alter his perspective, leading to a climax where he is finally united with his wife and the world chooses a new and better leader.

The Blue in the Air is a gesture of defiance from a tiny but meaningful tugboat of resistance. At a time when we are repeatedly encouraged for reasons of demographic convenience to believe that music can change nothing and mean nothing, this writer demonstrates comprehensively that for those who stay awake, alert and alive, music still retains the power to change the fabric of the air we choose to breathe.


Why not just let the song speak for itself? Here are some answers.” ~ Mark Sinker

Marcello Carlin lures or impels us through an astonishing maze of music, much of it very likely unfamiliar with, from radical free improv to one off novelty pop, via every imaginable sheeptrack or rat run or scenic bus ride.

~ Mark Sinker

Marcello Carlin
Marcello Carlin Ex-child prodigy Marcello Carlin’s personal life was demolished when his first wife died abruptly of cancer in August 2001. Looking ...
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