Blowing the Lid

Blowing the Lid

Gay Liberation, Sexual Revolution and Radical Queens

The queer fight for Gay Liberation; authentic identities and modern roles for lesbians and gays that enhanced British society.


The Gay Liberation Front founded in 1970 urged gay men and gay women to unite around a simple set of demands among which were calls for an end to discrimination against homosexuals in employment, in sex education, in the age of consent and in being treated as sick by the medical establishment.
GLF saw itself as a people’s movement for gays, socialist by virtue of its demand for social change, and revolutionary in recognizing the rights of other oppressed minorities to determine the fight for their own demands.
All history is personal. The author of this political memoir is the first participant of the Front to write a history of the lesbians and gay men who joined Gay Liberation and through a process of Coming Out and radicalization initiated an anarchic campaign that permanently changed the face of this country.


'This is a wonderfully rich and evocative account of an important moment in gay history. Stuart Feather has "brought it all back" in a marvellous narrative that is a great gift to posterity.' Ken Plummer, University of Essex. ~

Hegel is a Drag: Thesis: scores of Wests, Garlands, and boas (and I don't mean Franz). Antithesis: gay, feminist - leftist boos to anything that hobbles in heals. Synthesis? With a vengeance, in a viciously modern attack on sex roles, liberation prudery, and boredom in the orchestra. It's proof that rhinestones and politics can live together, but that they must. ~ Weinstein, Village Voice

Invaluable as well as entertaining first hand radical testimony from the period, essential for anyone who wants to understand how this country has changed and who wants to think about how it could be changed more. ~ Neil Bartlett, author and playwright

I think Feather provides an interesting lens to understand the movement’s internal debates, divisions and problems. This is a very rich understanding of how a social movement emerges and works through internal differences. So I have no doubt that this work will contribute to a lot of discussions on civil society and social movements. ~ Dr. Hakan Seckinelgin, Gender Institute, London School of Economics

Stuart Feather
Stuart Feather A participant in the event described, after GLF Stuart taught himself the art of the painted finish, specialised in lacquer furniture and sc...
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