Beyond Capitalism?

Beyond Capitalism?

The future of radical politics

An in-depth examination into the social nature of the austerity crisis and how we can move "Beyond Capitalism".


How to move 'beyond capitalism' and whether indeed it is possible to do so, has become a question of general interest, rather than simply the preserve of left-literary discussion, since the credit crisis of 2008. This book examines the social nature of the austerity crisis, and whether an anticapitalist message can successfully intersect and create a new virtuous dynamic for the radical left after decades of retreat.
Intended as a contribution to debates around fundamental social change which have emerged in the wake of Occupy and the Arab revolutions, Beyond Capitalism is a book which combines 'historical sociology' with the politics of social emancipation. The question these movements have posed is how can the radical left marshal its often meagre forces to create a new counter hegemony to the ethos and culture of capitalism?


Luke Cooper and Simon Hardy's vivid and invigorating Beyond Capitalism builds upon the analysis of leftist paralysis I started to develop in Capitalist Realism. Writing from the perspective of experienced activists, Cooper and Hardy offer an incisive and clear-eyed explanation of why the left has so far failed to take advantage of the current major crisis of capitalism. But this analysis is not just another jeremiad; it is a contribution to a leftist renewal which Cooper and Hardy believe is within our grasp. The future is ours for the reclaiming, and Beyond Capitalism outlines some concrete strategies for how we can win it back. ~ Mark Fisher, author of Capitalist Realism

John McDonnell, the new Shadow Chancellor, made this comment on Beyond Capitalism in 2013: "A superb analysis of where the Left has got to and why, this book offers an insightful agenda to be addressed by the anti capitalist movement." ~ John McDonnell , Email

Simon Hardy
Simon Hardy Simon Hardy is a writer and socialist activist. He was a leading figure in the student revolt of 2010-11 and a contributor to It Started in ...
Luke Cooper
Luke Cooper Luke Cooper is a writer and socialist activist. He is currently studying for a PhD in International Relations at the University of Sussex an...
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