Against Capitalist Education

Against Capitalist Education

What is Education for?

The birth of a revolutionary art of world-creation.


Out there in the so-called real world the education system is being crushed by the demands of capitalism and, in turn, is crushing those who pass through it, reducing them, diminishing them. The dream of the economic functioning unit.
How do we break this? We need alternatives but not just one or two. We need the freedom and education to generate a trillion possibilities. An education system that is as broad as it is deep, that brings back a different type of thinking and a new use of fiction.
This book signals the return of the dialogue and the conversation as the ground out of which new realities are born, the root out of which new alternatives are nurtured and explored.


Somewhere in this book, amongst the flashes of insight and exchange, lie the seeds of a revolution in our modes of existence, our forms of value and meaning and fundamental ways of existing as humans within this fragile planetary ecology. ~ Baba Shree Vardi

It is only through developing reasoned and imaginative alternatives that we can generate the light to shine into the ever-fragmenting modern world and open up paths into new worlds - speculative fiction meets philosophy. ~ Ibn Aflatun, author of Distilling the Universal

Is the market and consumer logic the right way to manage our education systems? This book thinks not. This is conversation worth listening to. ~ Peter Lato, CEO of Shovian Analytics

It is like stumbling into a corner of the world we had forgotten. It is time for a revival. A revolution. ~ Karl F. Tullah

A fundamental challenge to those who argue the humanities have no place in the brave new world dominated by the technocrats. ~ Friedrich Faust, author of Gone With the Crowd

For me, this type of exchange touches issues that lie at the heart of existence, all the while remaining within the world. ~ Frank N. Steinisch, creator of the VOAT Generator

Nadim Bakhshov
Nadim Bakhshov Nadim Bakhshov has taken just under thirty years to develop a new category and field of mathematics that overturns the conceptual prejudices...
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