Year on The Sauce, A

Year on The Sauce, A

Brendan Montague left Fleet Street to pursue his passion: reporting. But can bloggers take on bankers, conglomerates, polluters – and win?


    Journalist Brendan Montague turned his back on Fleet Street to dedicate his life to a single passion: reporting. One moment he was running up expenses at The Sunday Times, the Daily Mail and the Sunday Mirror. The next, Lehman Brothers collapsed. It was time to cast an investigative spotlight on bankers, polluters, arms manufacturers.

    Brendan set up the radical news blog, The Sauce. But the political landscape remained as still as a millpond. Were his lofty ideals of reporting the collapse of capitalism and the dawn of a new world delusional? What would this muckraker find in the grubby reality around him?

    The Sauce exposes Russian nuclear waste barons, breaks the Vestas occupation story and shreds Tara Palmer-Tomkinson's first novel. The blog takes on High Court judges, the News of the World, gangsters, neo-Nazis and even graffiti artist Banksy.

    A Year on The Sauce is a limited edition collection of stories from the most edgy radical news blog in the UK. Could this lone writer possibly be the next George Orwell or is he just an eccentric tilting at windmills? Brendan is among a handful of professionally trained journalists on the radical left: all he needs is a revolution.


    A Year on the Sauce presents a politically astute and informed perspective on the threats facing legitimate journalism today. A refreshing and inspired critique. 

    ~ Emmet O'Cuana ,

    The world is full of great stories that need to be told. The sad thing is that the mainstream media dig out fewer and fewer of them - which is why the old fashioned muckraking of The Sauce is so important.

    ~ Nick Davies, Author, Flat Earth News

    The Sauce attacks with original, sharp journalism - and old, blunt politics. ~ Iain Dale, Britain's most successful blogger and UK Conservative general election candidate

    Brendan Montague has all the right heroes – George Orwell, John Pilger, Paul Foot. Like them, he's a great upsetter of the conventional. The Sauce wants to get under the skin of the establishment and stay there. Everyone who cares about maintaining the great tradition of investigative journalism should get this book.

    ~ John Rees, Author, Imperialism and Resistance

    The Sauce is a tasty blend of gutsy reporting, provocative analysis and passionate argument. In the best tradition of campaigning journalism, it speaks truth to power about immigration, human rights and much else besides. A great read.

    ~ Philippe Legrain, Author, Aftershock and Immigrants: Why your country needs them

    Brendan's primary concern is the success of the movements but this doesn't stop him getting real scoops. His blog exposed the potential conflict of interests of Iraq Inquiry member Sir Roderic Lynes and gained unrivalled access to peace soldier Joe Glenton. You can trust ~ Lindsey German, National Convenor, Stop the War Coalition

    Brendan Montague
    Brendan Montague Brendan Montague is a investigative journalist and campaigner. An old-fashioned reporter, he has published articles in the Sunday Times, the...
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