Continental Realism

Continental Realism

In Continental Realism Paul Ennis tackles the rise of realist metaphysics in contemporary continental philosophy.


In Continental Realism Paul Ennis tackles the rise of realist metaphysics in contemporary continental philosophy. Pitted against the dominant antirealist and transcendental continental hegemony Ennis argues that continental thinking must establish an alliance between metaphysics, speculation, and realism if we are to truly get back to the things themselves.


Aan excellent introduction to a fascinating new development in philosophical thinking. 

~ Emmet O’Cuana, abookadaytillicanstay

Paul J. Ennis has given us the first general overview of the theses of After Finitude, and of their reception in the Anglo-American philosophical field. The theses in question - speculative and correlationist - are here exposed with clarity and fidelity. An indispensable introduction to speculative realism.

~ Professor Quentin Meillassoux, Le Département de philosophie, École normale supérieure

In its brief compass Ennis’s book gives a lively, sympathetic though critical account of a newly emergent movement of thought - speculative realism - that looks set to transform received ideas of what counts as “continental” philosophy.

~ Professor Christopher Norris, Distinguished Research Professor in Philosophy, School of English, Communication and Philosophy, Cardiff University

Paul J. Ennis
Paul J. Ennis Paul Ennis is currently completing his PhD in Philosophy at University College, Dublin. Born and raised in Dublin he has written articles fo...
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Prince and the Wolf: Latour and Harman at the LSE, The by Bruno Latour, Peter Erdélyi, Graham Harman

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Networkologies by Christopher Vitale


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Universal Subject of Our Time, The by Darius Nikbin

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