Meaning of David Cameron, The

What you won't have got in the televised debates, party manifestos, campaign trail propaganda and media coverage, portaining to Cameron the cipher and the social forces he represents.

David Cameron was sold to the British electorate as a thoroughly modern politician, part Blair, part Thatcher, a one nation conservative with a soft spot for social democracy, the green movement, big and small business, youth, minorities, traditionalists, the armed forces and the old. Has a politician ever been sold as so many things to so many people, at home in fashion magazines as he is at Party conferences? But despite being told, arguably more, about Cameron the man than any other politician he remains vacuous, strangely unformed, a cipher for the real interests and forces he represents. The Meaning of Cameron is an unmasking of the false politics Cameron embodies, and an examination of the face the mask has eaten into.

How does this critique of Cameron match up after five years in Government?

  • If the bourgeoisie was indeed a bit more classically conspiratorial and besieged, they'd stop the presses on this one.

    "The Meaning of David Cameron" takes its subject, a vague corporate personality known as David Cameron, as the starting point for an examination of the founding lexemes of contemporary political discourse.

    ...short and pungent apologia for the Marxist categories of class and class war.
    ...easy to follow if you are a political layman, ...eloquently phrased.
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