“I have published eight books with JHP. Having worked in publishing for nearly thirty years, I thought I knew about publishers, but it’s been a revelation. It's transparent, honest, extraordinarily speedy, and as near democratic as a company can be. Despite all communication being on-line (not my natural habitat), it does feel like a real community. And the books look good. JHP seems to have worked out how to be a successful twenty-first-century publisher, without losing touch with what matters.” Jennifer Kavanagh, author of A Little Book of Unknowing (Christian Alternative), The Emancipation of B (Roundfire Books), Journey Home (O Books), The Failure of Success (O Books), Small Change, Big Deal (Business Books), Simplicity Made Easy (Earth Books), New Light, and The World is My Cloister (Christian Alternative).

John Hunt publishing is ahead of its time. What I love about John Hunt Publishing is its transparency. I published my first book with John Hunt Publishing and I have now had 6 books published them. I am completely happy with all aspects of this business which is why I have stayed with this company. Hilary H. Carter.

Mentoring has been an absolutely invaluable help in getting my book ready for publishing.  It can be difficult to spot mistakes and even trickier to know how to change them, but Maria Moloney is excellent at doing both! It’s clear how much work she puts into the edits, and I liked how she explained her reasons for changing things so that I knew how to correct similar errors later on. Thank you! Mary Johnson author of Boundary (Lodestone Books).

John Hunt Publishing has been such a fabulous experience with immediate results. My first book hit #2 in Beauty and Fashion category on Amazon and received International attention on news wires, websites and a mention in their quarterly newsletter. The book cover design is exceptional, while the production process is effective and speedy. But most of all their marketing team is incredible! Machel Shull, Middle Age Beauty (Ayni Books).

JHP makes available more information to its authors - print runs, monthly sales figures, marketing initiatives etc. - than probably any other publisher. It also pays royalties promptly when due. JHP has published two titles for me, and I'm very pleased with the result. Tim Heaton, author of, Long Road to Heaven and The Naturalist and the Christ (Circle Books).

Having come from another publisher, I found JHP's approach to publishing a breath of fresh air. The whole production process is entirely transparent (and what a relief this is); all the dates, stages, missing pieces etc etc are on the company database visible equally to author and production team alike. No more wondering. No more need for phone calls to the publisher which begin, 'didn't we agree that....' All in all, an intelligent system intelligently run by committed professionals: it works. Michael Tobert, author of Cryptogram (Cosmic Egg Books).

Many people have helped to bring Colin Crampton to life.First, there is the team of publishers, editors and publicists at John Hunt Publishing. As a veteran of 21 books with other publishers, I am amazed at how efficient they are. Peter Bartram, author of Headline Murder (Roundfire Books).

Most of all, I enjoy the responsiveness. If the editors agree to read your manuscript, you can be assured of a response within a month from three experts with specific comments and critiques. That same teamwork and transparency continues throughout the production and marketing processes. I couldn't be happier with my choice. Michael Burnam, author of The Last Stop (Lodestone Books).

JHP is a straightforward, honest, and helpful publisher for an author. With two books accepted by them and many questions, JHP has always responded very promptly and been extremely helpful. Barbara Tako, author of Cancer Survivorship Coping Tools (Ayni Books) and Clutter Clearing Choices (O Books).

I wholeheartedly recommend Krystina Kellingley as a mentor. After I signed a contract with John Hunt Publishing, I elected to work with Krystina on a monthly basis to refine the writing on my young adult science fiction manuscript. Before seeking mentorship, I’d work-shopped my manuscript, had numerous reader critiques, edited and rewrote on my own for years. All of these processes were helpful, but during my time with Krystina I grew faster than any other experience. She perceptively diagnosed issues that made my writing inaccessible to the reader and she offered practical strategies for me to address them. Many of her critiques revealed my ‘blind spots’, problems that I did not notice on my own. I also felt that aside from excelling as a teacher, she took a personal interest in my progress as a writer.  I remain grateful for her wealth of invaluable advice. Sarah Bergstrom, author of Desert Dwellers Born By Fire (Lodestone Books).

John Hunt Publishing is an amazing and innovative company unlike any publisher I have ever worked with. They respond quickly to queries, are transparent about all aspects of the publishing process, engage their authors in practical promotional activities, retain very creative and friendly staff, and are truly open to new ideas. This is the forefront of the publishing industry and I feel honored to work with them. My writing career would have stalled without them. John C. Robinson, author of; The Three secrets of Aging (O Books), Finding Heaven Here (O Books), Bedtime Stories for Elders (O Books), and What Aging Men Want (Psyche Books).

Efficient, dispenses with overhead and general nonsense, and empowering for authors. Bernardo Kastrup, author of; Brief Peeks Beyond, Why Materialism is Baloney, Rationalist Spirituality, Dreamed Up Reality and Meaning in Absurdity (Iff Books).

The John Hunt publishing system allows for transparent and continuous correspondence with the team responsible for publishing your book. It also offers the author complete engagement with every aspect of book publishing. From the initial manuscript feedback to copy-edits and cover design, to endorsements,  marketing and sales. Steve Naish, author of U.ESS.AY: Politics and Humanity in American Film

I've felt incredibly supported from day one with Moon Books; between the extensive, clearly organized website and the responsive Facebook author group, I've always felt in-the-loop and like I'm a valued part of the publishing process, not just a number on their accounting sheets. Laura Perry, Author, Ariadne’s Thread (Moon Books).

Moon Books publishes books that are about great ideas. In addition to being my publisher they form a community of caring people who supportand suggest and share information that encourages me. Dorothy Abrams, Author, Identity and the Quartered Circle (Moon Books).

As a first time author Moon Books made me feel valued, supported and part of what was happening and I still do. Yvonne Ryves, Author, Web of Life (Moon Books).

Being a Moon Books Author is like having another big friendly family! Brendan Howlin, Author, Handbook of Urban Druidry (Moon Books).

As the publishing landscape has continued to evolve, I feel so fortunate to be published with John Hunt Publishing. They have managed to maintain a traditional sensibility with an approach that enables the author to participate in all aspects of the process. From the very first day I sent in my proposal, all the way through the manuscript and publicity phases, communication has been clear and professional. The author manual is incredibly helpful and manages to be highly detailed but easy to navigate. Continuously mindful of the challenges authors face today, they are setting the new standard for the future of publishing. I'm honored to work with their wonderful team of dedicated and friendly staff.  Alicia Garey, What a Blip (Soul Rocks Books).

I felt very lucky to have Krystina Kellingley as my editor and mentor. She is a sensitive and intuitive professional with broad vision and a huge knowledge in creative writing. Krystina is a visionary who has the ability of traveling deeply inside the story as if she were one of the characters. All this ensures a high quality on her work. F. T. Camargo, author of Shanti and the Magic Mandala.